🌯Taste Test Healthy Lunch Meals At Chipotle Mexican Grill | Burrito or Bowl – What To Order?

If you love burritos or a healthy chipotle bowl from Chipotle Mexican Grill then you must watch this video to find out what healthy eating out and healthy fast food choices lunch meals you can order that will pass the taste test!


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  1. Is there any specific reason you choose not to get lettuce?

  2. YEA. I get that feeling too

  3. How about FLAME-BROILER?!!

  4. Chipotle is gross to begin with lol

  5. Not all Chipotle’s are managed well, so be careful. If one must eat there, try to get a preview of the buffet before one orders. If it looks like crap walk out of there. Usually not the case at lunch but at dinner when the food is too old. Glad you said no beans because I’ve seen the employees pour the old beans into the new, and cooked beans have limited shelf life before too much bacteria forms. Notice no timers or temperature gauges in their food bins? No way to manage food safety that way. I’ve gotten sick in the stomach or digestion from Chipotle more than I should have. Some Chipotle’s are great, and not all. As with all fast foods it is the quest to avoid toxins and bad bacteria. Not easy! At least there one can get a preview of the food before ordering unlike a drive through. So much chemicals soaked into non-organic foods, and most places do not have any organic ingredients. Hope your videos wake folks up! Wow I’m as long winded as you are Mr Morelli 😉

  6. This was Dope! The Chipotle Way!
    P.F. Chang’s 🔥

  7. I love you very much you are the best

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