3 $1 RAW VEGAN RECIPES! 🌿Rawvana

3 $1 RAW VEGAN RECIPES! 🌿Rawvana

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Hello everyone!🌿I’m so excited to share some recipes you guys have asking about for a long time! I’ve covered raw vegan recipes, and affordable vegan recipes, but today I’m combining the two. Watch on to see three delicious, raw, vegan recipes you can make for under $1 each! 🙌

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  1. Hello friends! Thank you for being here! I'm glad you liked these recipes, now is the BEST time to give raw food a try! Who's going raw vegan for a day?? 💖 4 WEEK RAW VEGAN TRANSFORMATION HERE 👉🏽 http://bit.ly/Rawvana-Renewal

  2. This costs about 10$ in Switzerland. lol

  3. Really want to do a raw vegan Mukbang in the future

  4. I’m ketogenic and a raw vegan. You know how hard it is to find food I can eat😂🤣 out here eating leaves and avocados everyday

  5. At last three delicious looking raw meals that I can make! It's hard finding some of the foods here. Thanks

  6. Melon should always be eaten alone. Just saying.

  7. Take turmeric if you're feeling bloated….lol….she's a comedian, too.

  8. Omg thank you! Trying to go more raw but on the broke-ish side, so much love to you ❤

  9. $1?? 100% agree that vegan eating isn't expensive but there is no way you can buy the ingredients for these recipes and even come close to under $10. 😂 like wtf? These recipes look really good though

  10. Ew self entitlement im gone like the wind with no trace but a dislike and a negitive comment about your massive ego

  11. Can u make a video "RAW VEGAN ON 1200 CALORIES" maybe then I can afford it… ? If I see a minimum of what to eat?!

  12. Only eat sweetcorn if you know its organic

  13. Im with most of the comments here. Great looking recipes but it is quite clear they're not 1$. Also something for debate. I see so many vegans , raw and regular, eating GMO foods. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the diet?

  14. How do you keep your fruits fresh? Do buy food everyday?

  15. Raw vegan tacos is just eating salad with your hands…

  16. These tacos were so good, thx for sharing 🙂

  17. No offense but if anyone is from a Spanish heritage I’m pretty sure your family is going to be looking at you weird like why are you eating pico de gallo for dinner without chips lol

  18. Thank you for including the nutrients to everything

  19. raw sweet corn from, ??????????????????????????????????


  21. Hello, do you test coffee grinder? I have coffee grinder for review. My mail is dengjinxian163@gmail.com

  22. I just started watching your videos and I love your balance of raw and cooked

  23. You're beautiful in every video, but for some reason in this one you're just extra pulling my heart strings with your beauty! xo

  24. OMG those tacos…amaze! Keep it up girl!💞

  25. I REALLY wish YouTube had the ability for us to post pics in our comments … I prepared all 3 recipes yesterday for my meals for today. The cauliflower ceviche was surprisingly good. Wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it was great. The fruit salad was PERFECT for my after noon snack. It was refreshing and a great cooling agent since it feels like we’re two blocks away from hell here in LA. Lol and I JUST made the lettuce tacos and I LOVE THIS !!! I added some adobo seasoning as well and it was amazing. Keep up the great work. You’re amazing !!

  26. Just launched my new channel featuring the RAWGUST Challenge. Please check it out:

    ♥much love and good vibes♥

  27. Nice but not $1 here unless you grow it yourself. Sadly even though I live in a county that has farms everywhere the locals actually eat spaghettios as that is what they can afford, fresh stuff is too expensive, some dried stuff is cheap at the dollar store, but buying cheap around here does not work. Keep sharing, you still have great recipes.

  28. This video is super helpful! ❤️

  29. 😂 $1. Not when you live in the middle of no where. 1 watermelon alone cost me $9.99 and that's during the summer when they're in season. It is all about where you're located.

  30. i like these recipies but there is no way they cost $1.00. These may be $10.00 meals but 1.00 is a joke

  31. Looks disgusting ill stick to the bacon and sausages thanks

  32. SO excited! It is super easy to eat healthy on a budget! Thanks for sharing this <3

  33. Nothing we haven't already seen 100 times before

  34. Where's the protein at? not even lentils or beans?

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