having a vegan dinner party? Here’s 3 easy recipes you can put on the menu. A vegan cheese log with cranberries and herbs, spaghetti squash sliders, and apple pie shooters.

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  1. The British pronounce the H in herb. Americans do not. Ironically, the American pronunciation is older. The word HERB has French origins. The French never aspirate the letter H.

    I almost didn't watch this video because of her "deal with it" attitude. If she's ignorant about language, why should I trust her with cooking?

  2. We say HerB 🌿 it’s a hard B as in the word But in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  3. Omg how have I not seen you before……what a game changer…..thank you for existing 😋

  4. I know it costs a little extra, but I use cranberries and crushed walnuts as the crust on the outside of my cashew spread.

  5. I actually like the camera movement

  6. Spaghetti squash sliders are an amazing idea!! I Had been hunting for jackfruit for like a year, when I could have been using something more local and available. 🙂

  7. How did you layer the apples and granola?

  8. Thank you, Lauren. Amazing as always :3

  9. OMG looks so yummy . I'm addicted to your channels <3

  10. Hello from Spain! In the vegan cheese, what can I use instead of coconut oil? Maybe olive oil? Thank you!

  11. I made the sliders for dinner with my decidedly not-vegan parents one night about a week ago, and we all wound up going back for more because they were so good! If we hadn't run out of the buns I think my dad would have just kept going. Thanks so much!

  12. love your food and your personality. you are just amazing.

  13. Can I use quick oats instead for the apple pie shooters?

  14. Great video! How long would the coconut whip last before melting at room temperature?? I'm always afraid to use coco whip incase it melts.

  15. british herb american erb 🙂

  16. Spaghetti squash sliders?! WHY AM I ONLY SEEING THIS NOW!?


  18. Please don't do too many adverts. I know it's probably good money but the camera is all over, it's too staged and the music is cheesy. I much prefer you in your Jammie's looking at cold coffee and rummaging through your fridge!

  19. Love making cheese with my Husband now! That was the hardest thing for him to give up before going fully vegan.. Damn vegan cheese is so decedent & delicious! I've added this to my "Yummy Vegan Recipes" playlist because I'm obsessed with your squash pulled pork! Absolutely genius! ♡

  20. what barbecue sauce brand your using?

  21. Could you do a video about making vegan cheeses! I'd love to make cheese platters that are vegan for a dinner party x

  22. Can someone explain to me difference between squash and pumpkin, please? 🙂 English is my second language and when I enter the word 'squash' into a translator, it translates to the german word for 'pumpkin', so I'm a little confused here. I neeeed to make this fake pulled pork and would like to know, which vegetable I have to buy for the recipe. 🙂

  23. I LOVE you! and this channel. For some reason there are so many vegans on here that make you want to eat a steak after watching their videos but your recipes and attitude are just 100% delicious happiness 💚

  24. you have no idea how much I love you. seriously

  25. You do such a good job hosting Hotforfood! Bravo!

  26. Awesome video! Another way to make pulled "pork" sandwiches is to replace the spaghetti squash with shredded King Oyster mushrooms (use a fork to shred them). Super easy and delicious.

  27. too bad I don't have any friends 🙁

  28. FYI I took half the cheese log that I had leftover (it was so good), threw it in a blender with almond milk to make pasta sauce and it's THE BEST.

  29. You are so creative. I love it!

  30. definition of food porn 😍

  31. I had a hard time with the sliders. The spaghetti squash ended up really wet. Anything I did wrong and tips to correct this?

  32. New camera style made me feel nauseated like I was watching a video game couldn't watch the whole thing…

  33. I love the recipes. I wish they were printable.

  34. omg I just made the cheese, adding a splash of water cause I used it as a pasta sauce. it is so freaking good I have no words!!!!

  35. You're fixing to get a lot of subscribers.

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