3 Fast and Healthy Breakfast Recipes for BUSY Mornings!

Too busy for a healthy breakfast?? Not anymore! I’m sharing my favourite FAST, SIMPLE & HEALTHY Breakfast ideas perfect for even your BUSIEST mornings! Whether you have to dash out the door for work, or you have a crazy busy mama morning ahead of you, these 3 breakfast recipes will give you long-lasting energy, keep you feeling full, and kickstart an AMAZING day inshAllah!

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3 Fast and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqi8mfZODXY


  1. Love this masha’Allah! Get it girl 💪

  2. Can I eat all the breakfasts in one morning? How much would I get of each if I do that?

  3. Insha Allah will try those egg muffins 😍

  4. Salam, can u share the link for stevia to buy?

  5. Did you grease the muffin tin for the egg muffins and if so, what did you use? 🙂

  6. I loved this! And everything you share! May Allah bless your work and you ♥️

  7. Aoa. Really helpful video.Can you please recommend a bread for breakfast , there are many brands , but I don’t know which one is the healthiest, thanks

  8. Thanks for the recipes… I wanted to ask about the rolled oats u used.. aren’t u supposed to cook them a little as they are not pre-cooked I guess??

  9. Salam Amanah! I love the work you are doing and you so much! I am studying nutrition right now in university and you are such an inspiration for me. You're awesome.. keep it up 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for the ideas and for emphasizing the importance of having breakfast :))

  11. please do share where can I get good stevia in canada…

  12. just wow ma sha Allah….jazak Allah kaseera you reminded that waking up is a blessing…and yes I love those recipe

  13. Wats the advantage of adding chia seeds. And is it ok not to add them

  14. you are amasing mashallah… wish i could be full of energy, too

  15. That's fabulous i'm eating those eggs right now thank u so much sister i do appreciate and admire ur efforts

  16. Great ideas Amina! Love them!

  17. Looool I love the way you cut the apple with the scissors Masha'Allah! And the frozen grapes are an awesome alternative to bananas for the smoothie! Thanks so much! 🤗💕😘

  18. Love your knife..can you share the link to buy it please

  19. Admire your enthusiasm Sister. 😊

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