3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Niomi Smart

Eat A Nourishing, Healthy Breakfast To Kick Start Your Day!
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For details of ingredients and full written recipes see blog post:

Blog Post ‘A Breakfast Revolution’ http://bit.ly/1mMnozg

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  1. I can not believe people would not like this. So informative

  2. i wish i could eat this healthy but my body just doesn't agree lol

  3. Can you please do after summer snacks

  4. Not everyone has easy access to fresh berries though. Regardless, I'm going to try the avocado toast!

  5. Anyone watching in 2018 ?? ♥️♥️

  6. Great video on healthy breakfast ideas , I will be trying these out. Well done !

  7. Really lovely breakfast ideas. Very delicious looking. But the ingredients look very expensive. Like Chia Seeds, flaxseed, raspberries, blueberries, avocado. Even the porridge oats looks expensive. are Infinity Oats better tasting thanScotch or Quaker oats?

  8. the hell a bag of oats is literally two bucks. Hows that expensive???? you could live off of it for a solid week

  9. Great ideas! I thought Niomi was Vegan though? Must be Vegetarian

  10. will give them a go good video …..

  11. Hi liked your video can you send me photos of ingredients the packages and where do you do buy it Thank you

  12. I love these healthy ideas please do more! I'm definitely somebody who puts unhealthy things like chocolate in the trolley 😂 you really inspire me! I'm going to write down these things on my list and I'll buy eat smart too. Its hard to find things I like as I'm a fussy eater, but I think if you're in the mood to make something and if you are passionate about making healthy food then it's definitely healthier and it always tastes better if it's made from scratch! thank you for the inspiration, yes it can be slightly more expensive but if it's healthy fun and relaxing then it's worth it! once again,huge inspiration thanks you!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Love this! I often just have avocado, sea salt, and olive oil on toast which is delicious too.

  14. Fruit like strawberries and blackberries is so expensive, £4 for a small plastic container that I'd eat in one meal. 😥😬

  15. I'm so gonna try the rye bread and avocado :)))))

  16. I absolutely love her, she's so nice and is great at doing videos. All those looked amazing, the poached egg one with rye bread and avocado looked amazing, especially when she split the egg open, that made my mouth water.

  17. what does chia seeds taste like??

  18. That's looks really tasty and easy to prepare. Now, back to my leftover pizza and beer.

  19. Haha ducks love you ^^'. Thanks for sharing =)

  20. love you niomi! you're so sweet.

  21. Does anyone know where Niomi got her t.shirt from??? I love it 🙂

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