4 Easy Indian Veg Recipes Under 30 minutes | 4 Quick Dinner Ideas | Simple Living Wise Thinking

In this video I have shared 4 easy and quick Indian veg. recipes under 30 minutes.This recipes are perfect for Indian lunch and dinner recipes.I have shared 4 quick Indian lunch and dinner Ideas.

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  1. non sticking & aluminium pressure cooker is very unhealthy, please google & see, please try to change the aluminium utensils … specially we bengalis are biggest promoters of aluminium bashon koshon, & we are also welknown for being very chronically ill in some way or other, try to buy steel ones gradually, if you possibly can !!

  2. Can u give details of the lid is it worth a buy?

  3. Being vegetarian i liked allyour veg receipes and tryed at home

  4. Yes Payalji it's because of the cut, we cut like this cones out fabulous, also cut French beans diagonally in slants will taste yumm

  5. Urad dal is very good for overall bone health.

  6. Hello Payal, thanks for the recipes. I recently discovered your channel and found it very inspirational to see the meal ideas and routines. Which mustard oil do you buy to use for cooking here in US?

  7. hi i am new to your channel slow explain make me understand very superb

  8. We Indians are the king of culinary!

  9. In the bean subji, did you add salt?

  10. I'm vegetarian and my favourite cuisine has to be Indian vegetarian. Just discovered your channel. I love your style of cooking: quick, simple and authentic.

  11. Yes lovely recipes. Will try for sure

  12. Share some Bengali fish 'recipies cooked in mustard oil plz

  13. Madam, palak and tomato should not be cooked together, it's dangerous to health.

  14. wow lovely make it very simple
    i loved it your idea

  15. How to make drum stick fry and curry

  16. Mem by taking parbal and brinjal what types of food we can make….

  17. Mem veg racipy of ladies finger was very nice

  18. aap indian resipes batate hai banana to aap hindi me bataae jisse sb dhekhe aur like kare …….

  19. I've only cooked about 2 vegetarian Indian dishes for the past 35 years. Now that I'm retired I want to learn more about cooking in the wonderful style. This video was very helpful. Thanks.

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