4 Easy Instant Pot Dinners

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  1. What a pice of shit is that

  2. absolutely nothing i saw in the first half of the video was "instant". She literally took like an hour for that second dish with the rice. And i didn't even watch the second half so… good luck people.

  3. The instant pot is essentially a grenade sitting on your counter, and causes people to loose the art and skill of cooking, why anyone would want one is beyond me.

  4. Things I can do with ordinary cookery but did with an InstantPot instead for views.

  5. 1:41 – "Queue a fake version of '1 Thing' by Amerie"

  6. So…. cauliflower takes 5 minutes (+pressurizing) to cook, wouldn’t 50 minutes be way too long for the carrots? I made soup and cooked them for 4 minutes and they were perfectly soft.

  7. I didn’t know you could use it WITHOUT putting the lid on. Andseems like I could do the shrimp, among other things quicker and easier on the stove top 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. seriously, where in the fuck do they find these songs that play during these videos?

  9. I love it who love it? Please reply

  10. Shrimps are ruined when peeled before cooking, becoming a gummy water logged mess, no matter how expensive or fancy they were. Always cook with shells on, especially since most of the flavor is in the shell and also allow the shrimp to stay compact and meaty exactly like properly steam lobster tail.

    For best results, use non ez-peel whole shrimps with head on; they're far less expensive at $3/lb for 31-40 farm raised whites at the local Walmart or cultural grocery store. You can easily devein them using tweezers from under the shell right behind the neck. Once boiled, steamed, grilled or sautéed; peel and de-head. Then, puree the heads and re-boil the shells with the puree, simmer until shells are almost translucent. Strain for a wonderful shrimp stock, or continue reduction before straining for a luxurious shrimp bouillabaisse.

  11. shrimp is an unclean animal and anyone that is health conscious should not eat it.

  12. This is a lie. Not one of these recipes has pot in them.

  13. This is nothing more than a pot for lazy millennials. Good luck when your electricity is out, it's back to square root one.

  14. Raw flour in a boiling liquid never works out

  15. didn't watch the whole thing but I do know you can make the first one in a few minutes in one skillet, this is a clickbait ad considering the title. such a title should be easy recipes you can just dump in and do in one pot without all the hassle and extra crap. could make that whole first meal in a pan in 10 minutes and it would likely come out better.

  16. please please please take off the music in the background so I can watch your video ~ so distracting ~

  17. Tell me again how this is EASY?? “Hey guys the sides are done but the meat has been sitting out for 30 minutes….”

  18. Fried rice is NOT brown rice. Don't fucking play with me. Steam your fucking Jasmine rice, fry it with soy, THEN put your veggies in it. Where the hell are you getting veggie stock from?

  19. First dish could have been made so fast using the instant pot and a pan on the burner cooing both the shrimp and the squash at the same time 💥

  20. I really enjoy watching your videos. Your recipes are fun to recreate on my channel "The Rod Elmore Show " Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  21. Thank You! Video was most helpful

  22. Am I the only one exhausted just watching all the work it took to cook those.

  23. Why americans doesnt wash their rice?

  24. Fantastic editing! Great job.

  25. I still havent used my instant pot

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