5 Budget-Friendly Middle Eastern Inspired Vegan Recipes

In this video I’m going to share 5 different Middle Eastern-inspired recipes with you all that are also healthy, easy, and vegan! Full recipe ingredients and details are linked in the blog posts below.
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• Hummus: https://frommybowl.com/best-hummus-recipe/
• Baba Ganoush: https://frommybowl.com/baba-ganoush-recipe/
• Quinoa Tabbouleh: https://frommybowl.com/quinoa-tabbouleh/
• Fattoush Salad: https://frommybowl.com/fattoush-salad-creamy-sumac-dressing/
• Falafel: https://frommybowl.com/easy-falafel-recipe/
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  1. You didn't visit Israel its PALESTINIAN and Arabic kitchen is the healthiest kitchen ever…

  2. thats not how you do the falfal its still raw

  3. Great video, Caitlin! I've been watching you ever since I became vegan earlier this year and you've made it so tasty and fun for me. I've watched this video before, but I still love it haha. Really wanna try that amazing-looking hummus when I feel like I have the patience to peel some chickpeas 😉 Keep doing what you're doing. You've honestly been an inspiration!

  4. can you cook indian food, lots of vegetarian options there.

  5. The way you pronounce the names is so cute hahahahah

  6. True most of middle eastern food is vegan friendly … u can make them with meat or without and it wouldn't be compromising the dish too much

  7. Well i guess thats an attempt at fattoush 😂 there is another ingredient called ba'leh but idk if that exists in the US

  8. U can season slices of tomatoes with some smushed garlic, sumac, and olive oil thats a pretty good snack or tomato salad 😂

  9. For the tabbouleh i just don't replace the berghul wheat with anything its just as good if not better … i like my tabbouleh with alot of lemon and olive oil tho makes it sooo good

  10. Generally hummus is thicker but i guess u could do it which ever way u enjoy it and zaatar is thyme :p

  11. Not peeling chickpeas. I like a lil textute anyways

  12. unsubscribed for the israel support.

  13. Israel is an apartheid state. This food is not Israeli it's cultural appropriation ?

  14. You should do Greek food !!

  15. Great recipes but they all required chickpeas…

  16. I heard that you should throw away the water in which the chickpeas were cooked in because there are unhealthy acids in it.😬

  17. There is nothing I love more than "budget friendly"

  18. All looks awesome 😋 Not sure what to make 1st !!! Thank U for the video 😃👏🏼❤️ But 1st I need to head to the store and buy tahini 😂

  19. Please don't "just throw [the chick pea skins] out in the garbage can." You can just blend them in. Or if you have to, compost them. Don't casually proliferate wastefulness, it isn't compatible with the vegan lifestyle.

  20. We put also parsley on papa ghnosh

  21. I cant believe i didnt you been in Israel and i miss it😭 it look great i like you kind of make your own version to israeli food
    Anyway love from israel ❤

  22. Maybe you could try to make morrocan food ? I'm morrocan and some recipes are already vegan I think, but I'd like to see what you could make, that would be a great challenge ! Anyway, love your channel, kisses

  23. You steel everything the land the history the culture… The food
    you human devils

  24. Girl, I love your recipes. They make it so easy for me to eat vegan even though I'm no fully vegan. Just trying to be healthier.

  25. Nice to see my silicon mat isn't the only one that has turned brown! Thought I was cleaning them wrong.

  26. You should try koshari which is a vegan Egyptian dish and it’s sooo good!

  27. Also why do all non middle easterns add quinoa to taboulah?! 🤔 also, Lebanese add green onion not red onion 😉

  28. Fun fact: NONE of those recipes r Israeli 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ and also she didn’t include like half of the ingredients of each recipe

  29. My chickpeas are soaking as we speak, cannot wait to try out your falafel recipe tomorrow!! 🤗

  30. Could you, please, open the video for subtitle contribution?

  31. Just made the hummus. Omg. Fabulous. Super creamy and yummy.

  32. I Put baking soda whit the chickpeas and now they taste like baking soda 😪

  33. I don’t feel so bad…I thought I was the only one with baking sheets that look like that!

  34. Please share Indian food recipes next!

  35. Looks lovely Caitlin!! 😍

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