5 Foods For a Healthy Life


  1. GM DIET

    This is really effective diet for loosing quick some extra weight.. do with proper guidance…Pls watch it and forward to others.. thank you so much for always support me🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. This is really effective diet for loosing quick some extra weight.. do with proper guidance…Pls watch it and forward to others.. thank you so much for always support me🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. I got a Billys pan pizza as ad when opening this video talk about fast food devil can't let me go.

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  5. What great recipes! I am definately going to try my hand at the yogurt berry smoothie. The salad looked great also!
    Was it just me or did anyone else get a tad unsettled when the chef left out that one diced onion bit?
    Thank you Tasty very much for posting these recipes! They definately look amazing and healthy!

  6. They just put an onion in a fruit salad… They ruined it.

  7. This is just Mediterranean diet stuff…

  8. okay seriously who the fuck olive oil'ed berries?

  9. A good cookbook for your health
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  10. Black bean and garlic smoothie with a hint of onion. Tip: add some blueberries for fruity taste

  11. Me trying to be healthy: watches this video
    Gives up on life

  12. The "Oh yes !" just ruins everything… –_

  13. That salmon looks raw af

  14. Why the fck would anyone disrespect strawberrues like that

  15. Apparently avocados are great for increasing the nervous response of your receptor organs in the nervous system, otherwise know as the CNS. The vitamins allow the electrical impulses to be sent more quicker to the spinal cord or brain.

  16. Wanna play
    No bitch I don't

  17. Im here for a good time not a long time

  18. 3:40 that's more like bean dip to be honest…

  19. grilling /frying is healthy? And those combinations, not sure if they would be edible at all

  20. I LOVE THESE RECIPES 😋It just put a smile on my face…

  21. 🤔 Healthy recipes made by overweight hands… ~LUCKYLOBO

  22. Salmon maybe be a helthier meat, but it is not healthy.

  23. The problem is that the salmon and the asparagus are expensive as fuck here. I would love to eat that at least one per week, but i can't even eat that once per month

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  27. That black bean soup looks literally so good i need to make it

  28. That black bean soup looks fantastic.

  29. 0:50 me when i need to wake up for school

  30. I dare you to make a picky eaters healthy meals and when I say picky eaters I mean the type of people who hate ranch, onion, tomato, etc.

  31. I’d get the first one

  32. Do you know how to make vegetable stock at home???

  33. Onions and strawberries…Ewwww

  34. Let's look at the mistakes here.
    1. Salmon is also a great source of heavy metals and farmed salmon is low in nutrients. Not, it is not healthy unless its wild-caught from alaska.
    2. heating olive oil is bad. only raw olive oil is healthy.
    3. chicken is not healthy. Its usually full of hormones and antibiotics (most of the time). It is also very low in nutrients.
    4. Cheese is the worst thing for your health. Nothing worse, literally, so hold that feta.

    Also, that last dish looks nasty

  35. I was fine until the last one…that is not what a fruit salad is. Stop it.

  36. Would love to know the name of the song on the website 😀

  37. Tasty is obsessed with salt :/

  38. Olive oil, salt, pepper, jalapeño, garlic, honey…


  39. so you Havre to mix evrything you have in the fridge?

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