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Our oldest kids have just started their first year in school and we’re having a blast creating healthy lunchbox ideas for them, so we decided to share 5 great ideas with you. Please feel free to share some of your ideas with us and we can all learn together. 😀

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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  1. This might be the first video I've seen without tamari 🙂

  2. your 4 yrs old gets hell of a lunch hahahhahhaha..that cracked me up

  3. I take a wrap and spread hummus on it, then top that with spinach, red pepper, cucumber, and peperoncinos. I roll it up and slice it in 3 pieces and put it in a container with an ice pack insert to keep it fresh. It's delicious. : 0 ) I also do a pasta salad with a ton of veggies. I make one batch and it lasts the week.

  4. Nice one lads. Some crackin ideas there. Shared on facebook. You've just helped me with the dreaded "what to put in the lunchbox that's healthy and will get eaten" challenge with a few things. Cheers

  5. Dates filled with walnuts is also great 😋

  6. chia crackers with cherry tomato salsa
    pitta with hummus and sugar snap peas
    small banana with date caramel
    flask of leek an potato soup (soup maker 25 mins) added for older ones and me 🙂

  7. "Or whatever the heck you give them" this made me laugh more than it should've haha

  8. I'd love to see a video comparing the sizes of our items available in the US to other countries. all of the Pita bread I have ever seen here is at least four times that size.

  9. i love this! 😀 I love those cardboard ones 😀 😀 – great ideas…would definitely use some at uni! I encourage my little brother to do his lunch as I do mine so we can both be healthy!

  10. Just wondering, why do you eat honey as a vegan? Just wondering your reasons, no hate.

  11. Over night oats with seeds and chocolate date sauce for a treat for the kids.
    What I did for my best friends kid at times I would take a for he liked and made it vegan. I liked the vegan mac n cheese that I made but some times kids don't like every thing that you make them. Do you make salads for them? Vegan parfaits, protein pancakes and quinoa bowls. They might like that stuff too!

  12. hi wow loving loving loving it best ideas in the world making these for my kids thanks so much x

  13. I had jam sandwiches for lunch everyday of primary school :L

  14. This was great! Thanks for sharing! Come by my channel sometime and check out my 60 second hummus recipe. Much ❤ from Vancouver 😊

  15. Can't believe some schools don't let any of the other students take in something because some are allergic to it. When i went to primary school, there was people with allergies including a guy with a bad nut allergy and chocolate allergy but the rest of us were still allowed nuts/chocolates in our lunch bags!

  16. What I like to take for a little treat is yoghurt, grated apple and cinnamon. It tastes great, has fresh fruit, no refined sugar… love it! ^-^

  17. Hats off to you two! Mmmmmm

  18. tahini and molasses is even better

  19. guys you eat all the time but you are so fit, could you pleas do a video how to stay fit and active, thanks.

  20. Hello,
    I bake my own bread with sour-dough (sauerteig) and spread either butter and honey or tahin and honey. They also love it with a slice of gruyere. Here in Berlin we have somthing called "Apfekkraut" which is a melaza made out of applejuice. My kids love it, specially mixed with home-made wallnut butter. I always slice up a fruit of the season and put it in as a little extra treat.
    best wishes

  21. You too are so cute haha
    Great ideas

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