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  1. You should do a video about the things you eat/put in your smoothies & their health benefits

  2. Thanks for valuable advise

  3. Why ur kids always without clothes ?

  4. Why ur kids always without clothes ?

  5. Whats your hair care to have this wonderful hair?

  6. Thank you for this video! I showed it to my mom for inspiration 🌞

  7. Ellen, you’re such an inspiration. We have a long journey ahead…newbs…you encourage us every day. Ty

    Nickolas and Anna from Guam

  8. you are so lucky … from where i come from i can’t find fruits and vegetables are 100% organic 😞

  9. I'm new to your channel and just wanna say I adore your family! Your boys are cuties! Such a down to earth happy bunch you are 😘 and you've inspired me to eat cleaner and follow a healthy routine! Love it 💚 Peace ☺️✌🏻

  10. What would you do if sandy or Elvis ever asked for a cheese burger or a chicken sandwhich??

  11. I’ve been thinking about going vegan for a long time. I’m scared though because of withdrawal symptoms I may have. I want to live a more healthier lifestyle and your a huge inspiration for me. I’m grateful I’ve found your channel.

  12. You have such a lovely family! So sweet and all your friends seem amazing too 🙂 delicious pot luck!

  13. I wish I could eat pineapple, it gives me horrible canker sores.

  14. Yummy food! And the juicer looks amazing, it looks like it squeezes orange to the skin! Just what I need. What made is it?! Many thanks!

  15. you are beautiful and you look like you have a happy family but you are extremely thin. Is this your normal body or it has something to do with your vegan diet???

  16. what are the 2 necklaces you are wearing in this video? they are so pretty!!

  17. I loovvee your bowls, where do you get them from? I always see them in the videos. ❤

  18. Ellen, can you recommend a good book about first baby food or could you make a video about it, please? 🙂
    In Germany, people are always afraid about protein and ion. Sadly, there is no big vegan community in the town I live.

  19. Very helpful Video Ellen! Keep up the good work ☺️

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