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5 HEALTHY SALADS || 5 healthy vegetarian salad ideas || Wife Mom Boss

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Hello everyone, swarda here, welcome to my channel today i am sharing 5 healthy lunch box ideas. all these ideas are really healthy, tasty, filling, balanced and Nutritious .these lunch box ideas perfect for indian summer. To complete the meal you can also pack small yogurt, lassi or chans packets with the lunch boxes.
.With the little bit of pre preparation you all can eat or feed these lunches from Monday-Friday and thes are balanced & nutritious lunch box ideas k. these lunch box ideas are really perfect for working adults/ bachelors or even for kids. you can mix and match these ideas according to your taste.
Let me know what you think about these lunch box ideas in the comment section below, also mention whats your favorite lunch idea. if you find this video useful then click on the like button and subscribe with the bell icon.
1. Lentil Idli : 1 cup idli rava, 1/2 cup urad daal, 1 table spoon each (green moong, yellow moong, masoor & chana daal) 2 teaspoon methi seeds.
2. Tameto chutny,
3. coconut chutny,
4. sprouted moth salad
5. strawberry & blueberry
1.Kathi / paneer roll
2.Mint chutny / tomato ketchup
4.Italian salad
1.Mix veg pulav
2.cucumber, tomato
3.boondi raayta
1.Aloo palak paratha
2.Garbanzo / chickpea salad
4.mint chutny/achaar
1.Italian margarita pasta
2.sweet and salty moong salad
3.Dates, almond snack,

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5 Healthy lunch box ideas || Monday-Friday balanced & nutritious lunch box ideas || Wife Mom Boss

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