6 Healthy Breakfast Recipes with Eggs

Here’s a compilation of 6 breakfast recipes with eggs for you to dive into and make some awesome breakfasts or just get some ideas for a cheap and healthy breakfast. Learn how to make Omelette Cups, breakfast burritos, Shakshuka, Poached Eggs, Vegetable Scrambled Eggs, and a healthy hash. Full videos on the channel!

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  1. that burrito isn't remotely near "healthy" looks good tho. used to eat something like that for breakfast after a good basher in college. lol

  2. I've never felt so amazed at food before, the Veggie Scramble is amazing, I am definitely doing that. Thanks for the amazing recipes!

  3. Great meal. I'm so making this.

  4. it took me 28 seconds to see you don't know what healthy food is the oil you used horrible just awful the meet choice just as bad not finishing the video and disliked

  5. Love all your videos! Thank you!!!

  6. Hi Marlon! I, myself, have given up eggs, dairy, meats and fish, but as far as oil goes, it looks like you're using a non-stick pan, so technically, the chorizo doesn't need any oil and will render plenty of fat that you won't even need to add any oil for the onions, and other veggies. Just sayin'…..

  7. love your videos, i cook a similar style for breakfast food. But its great to have some more ideas from you Marlon. Thanks!

  8. Tasty stuff, but I think you need to bring the camera closer to what you're doing with the ingredients.

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