7 Quick Easy Healthy Meals

Created by Jeff Golfman http://jeffgolfman.com of the Cool Vegetarian http://thecoolvegetarian.com and The Raw Office http://rawoffice.com.

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People often have the misconception that eating healthy takes more time and effort. But the opposite is true. Eating well takes less effort, less time and the clean up is infinitely easier. Some of the healthiest and quickest meals include: Salads, Smoothies, Whole Fruits, Whole Vegetables, Raw Seeds, Raw Nuts, Raw Fruit Bars, and leftovers.

Dear Reader: What are your favourite easy quick healthy meals ?

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  1. a piece of fruit is not a meal, Mr.

  2. I love how there was a Wendy's commercial for this.

  3. bondinfo.org offers a simple meditation cd that will help calm you down so you'll begin to be able to see your way clear. They offer it for free. I wish you well.

  4. Sometimes I squeeze a couple lemon or lime wedges, other times I like to make a dressing out of Raw tahini, lemon juice and some water. It's really up to you. I have friends that like to dress their salads with fresh orange juice or grapefruit juice 🙂

  5. What do you use for the salad dressing? Or does the avocado and tomato provide enough "creaminess" that makes it look like a dressing?

  6. No one can help you but yourself. I would highly recommend reading "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson. This will help change your perspective which will in turn change your attitude towards life and motivate you to take action.

  7. I am a mess i need help, i eat to much crap, i'm lazy, i watch to much tv and i lost my job. I used to be a healthy 85 kilos, now i weigh 135kilos! I have no motivation and its like ground hog day everyday in respect to my habits. I dont know where to begin, can somebody please help me before i have a heart attack and drop dead.

  8. Yeah they're quick and healthy but not very filling…

  9. much respect to vegetarians. i am 100% carnivore,but you make vegan food look delicious. kudos to you

  10. Oh crap I gotta rewind the video.. I forgot where to put the food….. 🙁

  11. your jacket appears to be glowing XD

  12. Thanx very much I appreciate It :))

  13. You can find it in pretty much any health food store. Also in ManitobaHarvest.

  14. Hey I have a question…Where can I get hemp oil ? Please answer.Thank you

  15. Very common question. You can check out the video "Vegan Protein Deficiency" with Robert Cheeke on this channel. It should answer your question 🙂

  16. We can compensate for protein always having some source of dairy products, beans, peas, protein bars/drinks, or nuts.

  17. Hey! Great video. I must try your salad. Thanks. 🙂

  18. Thanks! It is delicious! I highly recommend it.

  19. @evincenaturals Very true! and yes, smoothies are great! 🙂

  20. @superslyfoxx1 My favourite recipes can be found on my Facebook page in the "Notes" section.

  21. That salad looks delicious. Also absolutely LOVE smoothies. We like green smoothies. It's amazing how quickly you start to crave greens!

  22. do you ever make green smoothies? Do you have recipes? THanks.

  23. @MajoritySays Leftovers are the best !

  24. @themoviebuff101 amen to all that !

  25. @TurtleInkProductions haha yes my language use is amusing to me sometimes too.

  26. @Tra8000 glad you like. let me know how it goes for you …

  27. "I Just put boom put it into the mouth" where else would it go?

  28. @ocergnairb haha matt is not even on facebook but we're all trying… he is also in my video " best strawberry recovery smoothie" and matt is an awesome guy one of my favz on this planet **

  29. @TheArtistNinja Hi Ninja : yes i am raw vegan for last 6.5 years 100% and veggie for last 21.5 years…. and haha yes i agree on the protein. check out a few of my vids : "where do you get your vegan protein" and "How to Succeed in the 'I eat raw food conversation'" part 1 & 2 :>

  30. @tiatdivad I kicked the coffee habit addiction 20+ years ago and i will never look back ! smoothies, fruits, veggies rule !

  31. @tiatdivad yes ! i totally agree. your entire world changes when you are happy, healthy & balanced and everything around you becomes better and easier *

  32. @tiatdivad I love smoothies. my favorite is : blueberry, banana and coconut water !

  33. @genericmember1234 glad you like. thanks for watching and yes i agree many other vids are not as practical as they could be

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