7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

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  1. mac and cheese doesnt work… i ended up doing it the normal way 🙁

  2. I made the mac and cheese that tastes good but smells

  3. Imma just make some Ramen 🍜

  4. These aren't 5 min meals… do for get you have to prepare , defrost and clean….

    Deep fry? Jesus… do you have an idea how hard is it to clean an oily pot?

  5. the mac and cheese does not take 5 mins, it took 10 bc my pasta did not cook that fast. other than that, it was super good. I suggest to just boil the mac in a pot(like usual) and drain it, then do the rest of the steps👌🏻

  6. Next video : recipes that you can make for 1 second

  7. I’m vegetarian, I can’t cook and eat all these recipes 😫 Make these videos for vegetarians too

  8. I find it good for the cheese cake if you replace the graham crackers with oreos

  9. The Mac n cheese took over 10 minutes in my microwave 😂

  10. 7 recipies with microwave

  11. Yea…’Cause everyone has those things lying around their kitchen

  12. The Mac and cheese one is really easy, better than Kraft, I actually think it's pretty good.

  13. the water overflows in the micorwave with the mac and cheese

  14. But I don't have a microwave 🙁

  15. The macaroni is not 5 minutes because when I did it, I had to wait for the pasta to actually become soft and I microwaved it 2 times. And it still took 15 minutes instead of 5

  16. Yay now I can make cheese cake 😋

  17. who just went in to the video while feeling hungry

  18. Mac and cheese does work!😂

  19. 17 late night microwavable snacks-10 and you have this vid 👏 nice😑

  20. I'm doing the macNcheese one before basketball training.
    Edit: It was delicious

  21. Well um… that omelette in a cup exploded in my face 😂

  22. My water overflowed and there's a puddle in my microwave. 😢 I was trying to make mac not cheese

  23. I have the ingredients, I just don't have a microwave

  24. I think if I had all this shit in my house, I wouldn’t be looking at this video

  25. Dayum cool way to make French toast

  26. the first one…💜 easy, fast & creative food

  27. Legit looked these vids up so I can think of something to eat… I don’t have any of these ngrediants

  28. My mom won't make me nothing so I made

  29. When I did the macoroni it overflowed, got everywhere, and my cup is really hot

  30. Just made the Mac and cheese and it’s FIRE!!!!

  31. I don't want to cook this next pancake plzzz

  32. I tried the macaroni and cheese one it actually worked but I'm not going to just had rotisary chicken lying around

  33. Ugh…who wants ALL microwaved food?

  34. I tried the Mac and cheese one.. it was bad

  35. Tf i type in easy meals , and I get this hard as shit

  36. it took me like 3 hours to attempt to make the cheesecake….

    it didn't work

  37. Amazing ideas!! I normally hate to cook but love to eat, but I may have to try these!! I don’t get why so many people disliked this.

  38. I recommend that you melt the cheese right before the pasta is done cooking. I also recommend putting bread crumbs on the Mac and Cheese and cooking it until bread crumbs are hard.

  39. I don't have a microwave oven

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