9 Easy & Delicious Breakfasts

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  1. I made a mistake and I want my mum to forgive me so I cooked those pancakes for her and she forgive me! THANK U SO MUCH!

  2. i hate how like you find something you can do but they don’t say the ingredients

  3. "Easy" and delicious breakfast

  4. 3:10 What is that?? Just eggs?? We need to know this guys!!

  5. me seeing "freeze up to 1 month" : haha tf

  6. Why do you need to freeze it for 1 Month then how is it a breakfast 🥞

  7. 0:37 oh I see what you did there 😏

  8. Excuse me did I hear you wrong?

    I thought you said a month?



  9. The owl 🦉 Lol can’t wait to make it for my munchkin since she’s so picky 🙄🙄

  10. I made my mom and dad the monkey toast because that's there favorite animal

  11. For the banana pancakes is cinnamon optional

  12. Freeze it for one month what the hell i thought the breakfesr was today

  13. Freeze up to 1 month?? 😐 Nahhhhh 😂

  14. 2:00 I was looking for something quick not something that would take one month

  15. some of these are not even breakfast

  16. I love your channel! ❤️

  17. Can you make simple recipes for kids like me? im home alone a lot with only meal stuff and im not sure what to make. i just want to know some easy recipes that would be easy for me to make while home alone. (im able to use the stove too)
    Edit: if anyone else besides Tasty knows any recipe for me that would be apreaciated!!! (im not alergic to anything so it doesnt matter what is in the recipes. thanks a lot!)

  18. After freeze it up to one month, ta da it took 4 weeks but it's worth it!

  19. one of those said freeze for a month

  20. 1 month can’t do that to me

  21. This vid should be:9easy and cheesy breakfast recipes

  22. Loved all except the toast

  23. this music will give u a fukin brain disease

  24. Hey rolling bread is the hardest thing ever cause it breaks!! I even rolled it flat 😔😢😂

  25. Isn't tasty ran by BuzzFeed and we all know how bad BuzzFeed is

  26. Who would freeze food for up to a month

  27. I’ll just stick to cereal 😂

  28. 2:00 freeze up to one month you have to be extremely patient

  29. Ive tried those banana pancakes before…they're disgusting.

  30. Who gone refrigerate for one month 🤣🤣🤣

  31. 0.50 I just made my first tasty food, after watching in video after 2 years. PS I added proteinpowder to it, it tasted so good!

  32. The fox tots I made it’s so good

  33. Did anyone else realize that the banana pancakes are really just banana omelets

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