9 Essential Egg Recipes


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  1. Thanks for your recipes, i cook for my family and they say it nice😙

  2. So tasty mmmmmm I want to eat it

  3. I don’t trust the waffle omelet.

  4. Can i make it with vegan chía egg??

  5. Healthy???? With all that sugar???? Fruits= sugar, honey=sugar, cinnamon=sugar….to be healthy you must use only one of them

  6. egg is very boring I don't like egg

  7. egg is very boring I don't like egg

  8. 2:18 im going to make these for my moms birthday

  9. Best egg recipe is .
    Boiled eggs

  10. HowToBasic wants to know your location

  11. do you like egg yolk? i guess i'm Not

  12. I HATEE egg's SO much i know that it is healthy but… I Hate IT

  13. I'm so done. Half if the crap in this video is half raw

  14. Can I get some subs please

  15. Roti paratha banana dikhaye

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  19. 1 egg
    Two clove of garlic
    1/2 of holand onion
    Few slices of chilies
    Little salt

    Mix them well, dry fry on non sticky pan…

    Delicious !!!

  20. Looks Yummy,But Can't Eat It 🙁

  21. Waffle egg omelette looks good.

  22. ATTENTION to anyone that wants to make the steamed eggs replace the 1/3 cup of water per egg with 1/2 cup of chicken broth or stock per egg much tastier and not as watery

  23. I have given you enough presents, remember to give gifts back.

  24. did you like egg whites and yolks

  25. I said NO most of the time while I was watching !

  26. Damn! EGG WAFFLE!? I need to try every one of this tasty ideas

  27. thanks for upload i learn a lot from you #pnpcookingtv

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