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Asian Chicken Soup is perfect for a quick weeknight meal, especially during the winter months to keep you warm and help cure those nasty colds going around.

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Asian Chicken Soup – Healthy Dinner Recipes – Weelicious

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Video by Mike Ervin
Music by Bethany Weber


  1. I am cooking for a family of seven with a picky eater who will not touch mushrooms is there anything I can substitute for those?

  2. Ive doctored up basic ramen noodles with fish sauce,ginger,sesame oil and ginger. I made chicken and veggie soup and set aside a little broth and added hoison and sriarcha and it mimicks a pho. I think for my bowl ill add sesame oil and grated ginger. If it works for crap ramen it should work wonderd in my soup.

  3. So the only thing you added to make it asian was ginger and sou sauce? Other than that its a basic chicken soup recipe?

  4. Just made this, its really good

  5. This looks pretty decent, though if you want to get the effect of ginger on cold/flu, dont peel the skin off, based on Chinese traditional medicine theory, the ginger skin is the most useful part. Also, a lot garllic, and scallion root is helping too..

  6. I'm cooking it right now!!! Taste good so far, I added red potatoes to mine jus because I need to use those potatoes before they go bad so I'm waiting for them to soften and then dinner is served!! It's soo windy and cold today so this is perfect!! I kept the ginger in so I hope I dnt regret that lol.

  7. Those broth contain. Preservatives!! No a good idea to feed a sick person.its better to make ur own fresh broth it so easy

  8. Just fyi, most, well all if home cooked, asian chicken soup uses the drumstick so…

  9. I'm learning to cook. this is very cool. I'm going to watch more of your videos

  10. I love adding astragalus to my asian soups, it is an immune system strengthening root that is safe for all ages. Lemon grass is also a great flavor for soup.

  11. Anybody cooks asian chicken soup? I'll be your best friend 😉

  12. +Weelicious made this and my mom and brother loved it i just tweaked it a little bit i used 4 chicken breasts and portabella and white mushrooms and i used 1 (32 oz.) and 1 (48 oz.) box of chicken stock

  13. Just made this for myself since I had a hard and tiring Sunday! I made it exact, except added some hot chili paste for a little kick… It was amazing!

  14. Another good recipe, thank you!

  15. HI I'm Peter and I just wanted to say that I love your channel and your recipes! I think that you do a great job explaining everything clearly and your very easy to follow. Well anyways I home you continue your channel Bye! 🙂

  16. You read my mind. I was just looking up Asian chicken soup on Pinterest …. Crazy. Your recipe looks simple, delicious and satisfying and I wish I had this recipe the week of Christmas when my whole family was down! Thank you. Katherine for your high quality wonderful videos:)

  17. Love this. Can't wait to make it.

  18. Wanna be my mom?…promise to get you flowers every sunday hahaha love your videos

  19. Yummo! Love these kind of soups in the winter. Thx +Weelicious!

  20. Love all of the fresh ingredients! Great recipe 🙂

  21. Looks delicious!! Can't wait to try it, thanks so much for all the wonderful recipes.  Have a great day 🙂

  22. So delicious and warm! Perfect for this weather where i live here in Spain! Today it´s snowing!!! Mi kids are happy!

    I love homemade chinese food Catherine. You have some great recipes for asian recipes!

    Happy day in L.A. ( What´s the weather like for there?)


  23. Have you tried making your own broth? It tastes so much better and is so super easy lol. But you probs have! Ahh! I love all your videos 🙂

  24. Um just so u know, depending on the kind of cough they have, have ginger can make it worse. Please research more before you tell people they are medicinal.

  25. Can you do how to make cold tomato soup or how to eat green mango

  26. Yum! More recipes Plz. How about chicken pot pies?

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