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In this video, we’re making a very Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipe, which is a Crispy Dosa made using Whole Wheat Flour, aka Chakki Atta. This quick & easy recipe takes only 2 minutes to prepare, and is one of the best recipes to make in the morning for your breakfast or your kids lunch box.

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Atta – 1 cup
Salt – 1 tsp
Water – to make batter
Oil – to make dosas
Eno – 1 Sachet / 1 tsp (regular) OR Baking Soda (1/2 tsp) + Lemon
Juice – 1 tsp

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  1. Can I make dosa on roti tava

  2. Could you let me know quantity of water for batter as my doha got stuck on the pan

  3. I like the simple way u present it.. nicely done.. great.. and best of luck for future

  4. Very bad recipe….atta salt and little add rice flour for crispy…it's simple method…and good dosa.

  5. Tried..For me and my baby…It's a good substitute of roti and Partha…
    Instant too…But it was not that crispy.

  6. Yumm
    I definitely try it ……. thanks a lot sir 😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️

  7. hey u r not supposed to eat eno

  8. wow such a healthy recipe it

  9. Aap you tube per dodo channel chelate h kya ise channel ke name se

  10. Sir I am your big fan
    I love your recipes .

  11. Thanks a terabyte, fellow 👍🏻

  12. That's what I was waiting for, for me it's replacement of Roti. Work days Ata Dosa 😜 Weekend Roti 😜

  13. i tried it bt all sticked in tawa

  14. If we can use dry yeast for crispy

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