Back to School High Protein Healthy School Lunch Ideas | Lunch Bunch

Rebecca Brand gives back to school lunch ideas and shows how to make a simple and healthy packed lunch. This video features high protein snacks, fruit, and leftover dinner meat. Use these back-to-school hacks to create quick and nutritious school lunches! Click here for high protein school snacks:

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FTC: This video is sponsored by Smart for Life, my opinions are honest, true and mine.


  1. I love your ideas . They are amazing ❤️😍😍

  2. thats an awesome cutting board

  3. the kids are gonna luv this!

  4. my nephews love those cookies!

  5. soo gonna get these even tho i dont have kids cuz adults need snacks too ya know

  6. i miss lunches like these!

  7. kids don't know how good they have it. I've been eating top ramen for the past week…

  8. Some of your recipes are so good and so weeard

  9. looking Great Rebecca! Great energy!

  10. Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your protein snacks look so pretty, just like you and your voice. What's your honest opinion on mozzarella cheese sandwiches? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. I love you, sweetie. BTW, I just recently uploaded new facts videos on Canada, Australia, and New Mexico. <3

  11. This is so dope….Thanks

  12. I think I may take some of these cookies to snack on at work! 🙂 If you sign up with email you get 15% off. :-))

  13. Children can make their own lunches

  14. Hi, Rebecca. I am from Norway…Folow you all time. Your protein snack very Delicious.

  15. Check out this tip for cutting my fingers off

  16. i wonder why you feel the need to show cleavage to lunch makers. i have my own, don’t need to see yours

  17. i love Lunch Bunch videos!

  18. love the snacks!! very good goood good!! :)))

  19. sandwich looks too plain TBH :/

  20. have you tried protein power shakes with children?? works well…

  21. How much protein is in those cookies, they look good, but they might have too much sugar??

  22. wish you were my mom!!! you are amazing, superpowers!

  23. do you have any other tips to getting your children to eat fruits and vegies! They dont eat anything!!!

  24. Great video as always Rebecca! You look so young and beautiful! And so does your food!

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