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Back to school season is here. Make your life easier with these quick and healthy lunches that your kids will happily tote to school. For recipes, check out:

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  1. He is so pig day åre pig eater day will eat all the food in there lunch box for there lunch

  2. Life is too short for this 😅😅

  3. My mom does not make my lunch I have. I don't spice it up I just throw it in my lunchbox and I'm like done. But no hate.

  4. Wow and I thought getting chips was good.

  5. no kid wants to wants to eat healthy or good

  6. it just be to much making all this they eat wat u give them

  7. I would die laughing if I opened it at lunch and the food was all over the place lol

  8. I love how Americans say kebab. It's so wrong pronounced, but it's so funny that you kinda hope they keep saying it wrong

  9. Awesome my mom always packed my lunch too and gave me to much food lol.

  10. Can I just use regular peanut butter and stead sunflower butter

  11. can u use peanut butter ??

  12. yeahhh… theres NO way im going to make my kids fresh, warm and tasty tacos and then think the next day their going to eat COLD left overs.. just bc i put it into a nice tuberware LOL! Half these foods are more like spins on stuff parents already do. Except the horrible taco one.
    Plus the bananas will turn brown/black and your kids wont eat "rotten sushi"

  13. why u so sad!! But great ideas!!

  14. What kid would want some of these. Dang give the kid a pb&j and some chips😂

  15. Those kids don't have time for all this

  16. What kind of juice box do you add into lunchbox? I'm trying my best to limit sugar intake for our 5yr old son. Are you packing juice or Milk? Thank you

  17. i can barely hear her 🙁

  18. I tried the fist one but instead of humus I used ranch

  19. You can try popsicle sticks instead of skewers for fruit kebabs

  20. i like it if back to school now i will bring my lunch becuz iam grade 3 now next j7une!

  21. where do you buy your lunch boxes 😄😄😄

  22. This is great! We have a no peanut butter rule, so I will try the sunflower seed butter. Love the banana sushi. thanks.

  23. First time watching your videos just fell in love

  24. btw, the apples with go brown! 🙂

  25. when you made that thing with sunflower butter can you use peanut butter


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