Basalmic Vinegar Appetizer Ideas and Recipes : Quick to Make

Rebecca Brand shows how to make four fantastic and easy appetizers with basalmic vinegar as the main ingredient with the recipes. Click: Discount of 20% thru Dec 21, 2015. Coupon Code is LDE5273L FREE Shipping is included.

Capreses salad with mozzarella, burrata cheese is a star with the red tomatoes, basil and drizzle of Olive Oil. Try the goat cheese log with Parsley and basalmic drizzle, or the tasty bread dip with spices and Parmesan cheese. Crown your table with the juicy red strawberries with the brown sugar and basalmic drizzle! These ideas are fabulous for quick incredibly delicious appetizers or hors D’oeuvres for any party, and really fun for the holidays with those beautiful colors!


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Sponsored by I Gourmet Living’s Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. I LOVE this Vinegar!! It’s the best I’ve ever had, no joke.


  1. This woman must be on coke

  2. they all look great thanks for sharing

  3. Mmmmmm . . . YOU ~ ROCK ! !

  4. "drizzle" pours half the bottle onto the dish

  5. caprese is pronounced "Cah-Pre-s" not "cah-pree-see"

  6. Wow i always come up to this channel,and you always make me smile,i love you! keep up with the good work! :DD
    PS:can you maybe make some Chicken McNuggets? i love them but McDonald's isn't healthy at all,so i wanna try to make it
    homemade,so they are healthier! 🙂

  7. drizzle drizzle drazzle drool I want to go to Rebecca Brand's cooking school!

  8. AWOME video can you make a video on how to make tamales or Christmas cookies plz 🙂

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  10. I love your attitude and energy! Really makes this how-to's enjoyable to watch. Keep it up, Rebecca 🙂

  11. very yummy ideas. Thank you
    can't wait for holiday time 😀

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