Bento Lunch Box Recipe Ideas | Vegan Vegetarian Special by Bhavna

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5 Fun Bento Box Lunches. Make lunch a lot more fun with these healthy bento-inspired lunches for kids, teens, foodies, and more.

I am so glad I found these bento boxes.
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  1. Does bento box keep the food hot?

  2. nice lunch box please telling me about it

  3. bavana
    am from qatar
    ths box is leakproof

  4. didnt get what crispy thing you did put with spicy beens?

  5. you have done brilliant job

  6. Greetings !
    bhavna I loved ur recipe as well Benton box I order in Amazon but they can't deliver to Dubai Benton box pls suggested any idea hw can I buy this
    thanks …

  7. loved the boxes. any equivalent in India?

  8. really nice Bhavana my daughter also like Indian food but in school frns making comments now I'm inspired by u r comments tq

  9. can you tell me which hummus to go tastes best?

  10. nice lUnch box Iam also buy this product for my baby actually Iam using Tupperware boxes this bento lUnch box also looks superb how much cost bhavana ji

  11. Hi +Bhavna, is your lunch box also about 8×8 inches? Just received mine and looks smaller! Thanks for your videos! Greetings from Spain 🙂

  12. Hi Bhavna ,
    Your ideas are amazing.I have tried giving hard shell taco's to my son in lunch box but not in Bento lunch box.
    He said that taco's became soggy..and I made sure that everything was at room temp while I packed his lunch box.Do you have any idea why it became soggy???

  13. so amazing idea , thanks bhavna😁🍱🍒🍓🍅🍍

  14. Very creative! I like this idea 🙂 Is Dhruv the older one? They are both so cute!!!

  15. Nice lunch box….u brought online?

  16. where do you buy those from?

  17. Great Video Bhavna, These look Great!

  18. Would love more bento ideas! Thank you!

  19. Great video!! I'm going to try this for my kids and even myself. Thank you for the great ideas!

  20. Bhavaji thank you for replying. We r vegetarian so I need more morning breakfast recipes please send more my son loves your recipes like Gobi Manchurian, spring rolls, allo paratha its super thank you very much

  21. Thank you for sharing. I find it hard to come up with new lunch options for my daughter, she is vegetarian as well and after awhile peanut butter sandwich doesn't cut it.
    The bento boxes are very cute! Your sons eat very well 🙂

  22. Good n yummy ideas which are healthy…u look very cute in this hairdo sis…

  23. I love Japanese, Korean and desi style bentos/ doshirak. Thank you Bhavna. This beans idea is fabulous, lots of nutritional stuff. Going to make one soon.

  24. Bhavna I like your veg recipes thank you so much

  25. good ideas.. dont the food spill inside from one compartment to other in this box…

  26. Plzzz marathi dish speciali koli dish

  27. this is great idea even for adults. please do more, and if possible pls provide a direct link to the recipes.

  28. Big fan of your recipes Bhavna.Keep them coming:)

  29. vv nice lunch boxes thanks for sharing

  30. Nice and heathy ideas to pack lunch box

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