Best Diet for a Bigger Butt? + What I Eat in a Day #3

The people spoke and I listened! This was fun to film and I always love sharing my tips. If you want to watch just the food diary portion of this video, skip to 5:02. If you want to know what types of foods you should be eating and how you should be eating, then watch the entire video. P.S. For those asking, yes.. the pictures in the thumbnails are ME and my progress! xo



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  1. You make so much sense! I personally don’t consume yogurt, thanks to PCOS, but yes, if you are consuming the right carbs, then you’re good!

  2. Hahah salman you're so cuteee ❤️

  3. You are extremely helpful Stephi❤️💕

  4. please make a recipe for the otmeal bake

  5. cool plain yogurt with peanut butter going to try that

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  7. That oatmeal bake looks amazing so you have the recipe?

  8. My apologies if you already answered this, but do you work out on an empty stomach? If not what do you eat or drink before?

  9. This is nice movie I think. However, You should take Woo&Pep diet if you want to learn more about diet.

  10. I am sure you can still buy handbooks with all info you need on Woo&Pep diet website . Just google Woo&Pep diet.

  11. Please don't take this badly but that hair style doesn't suit you well. You have really nice hair so use it to your advantage.

  12. hii you re so sweet 💖I started eating much for my glutes i am eating lots of 🙂 ofc i am eating healty food and i wanna ask something about that … My belly is small,does eat too much is bad for my belly ???? I just want a big butt not big belly hahahaha

  13. Thanks! This was very helpful, I've always wanted to know what type of food to eat and this really helped.

  14. What are your stats? (Height, weight, age). That makes a difference in terms of diet

  15. Another snack because im forever hungry!!! Seriously this is making me all hungry now id eat all of that in one setting haha

  16. Love your videos so much and the way you explain things!! ❤️

  17. what lipstick color did you use

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