Bethenny Frankel Kid Healthy Lunch Recipe

Bethenny Frankel shows you how to make easy lunch or dinner recipes for your kids.

Cooking doesn’t have to take a long time. Teach your children how to cook by having fun. Eating healthy never tasted so good. Featured recipes: Mediterranean Turkey Burgers.

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  1. If you feed kids the SHITE Bethanny makes, they will turn out like her…INSANE…Feed them grass fed red meat and all will be well. Kids hate green cause GREEN contains plant chemicals to ward off "predators" lol.

  2. Thanks for that tip, i will try that!

  3. nice video… a must watch..

  4. @5864dragon she smiled at 00:26 🙂 dont be hating.

  5. @sooouuuuper Bethenny has a child and she is an advocate of healthy eating. Caring for one's body is not a symtom of an ED. Also I happen to know alot of children who enjoy vegetables. It's evident from your comments that you don't enjoy healthy foods. So your children don't as well. That is your own fault.

  6. @sooouuuuper i'm sorry how would you even know that? Based on your comments it seems your children would favour junk food and you say you taught them 'anorexic ugly women are wrong'. Since when did you get an E.D or become ugly from GREENS.

  7. @sooouuuuper or maybe she does and just doesn't feed them crap…

  8. Made this recipe tonight for dinner. It was so delicious! Thanks for posting this!

  9. id like to kiss your mouth and taste whatever you had for lunch and then we make fake babies on the counter

  10. @5864dragon she did in this video

  11. Bethenny was unappreciative, a complete user, mean, rude, nasty, player right from the beginning, and all she did was made excuses for her actions, you were after fame and used every1 to get there,…. I couldn't stand your fake tears and how you bully anyone nd every1 when ever u feel like it…even ur own husband said, I don't know y ppl talk to u, ur sooo mean to them!!! I wonder how many times he thinks about it and the fact that what he has got himself into!

  12. I wish more parents were like you.
    Your kids are very lucky.

  13. @playermodelz what are u talking about, she has a culinary degree as a natural food chef. She isn't trying to cook, she went to school and was doing this way before real housewives ever came along

  14. i thought she was vegan..

  15. hmm hamburgers, sounds very healthy

  16. Those kids look like kittens, LOL. Look at the way they're curiously looking at everything. (0:07)

  17. how bout doin what u do best and stay in that kitchen and make a god damn sandwhich!

  18. Real Housewives of New Jersey! She and this other girl where the only ones I liked. She's nice! Rock on with the recipe!

  19. That was a delicious looking burger!

  20. its healthier, but still, not rlly healthy..
    why not make taboule'? my lil bro loves it and just put sum extra veges in! let them SEE them so they know what theyre eating!he's not a huge fan of tomatoes but tomato purree, loads of cucumber, bell pepper, parsley, olive oil etc. anything rlly! and if ur obsessed about ur (unnecessary) protein, put a dlob of tahini (sesami paste) on it

  21. I like betheny at least she makes sence when she is talking … Not like kelly…
    Who doesn't make sence and sounds stupid..

  22. only unfermented soy is bad for you, actually.

  23. red meat is bad for you. poultry and fish are reasonably healthy. mostly just protein and iron though. processed soy is not good for you, but fermented soy (miso, tempeh etc) is okay. but soy is not always worse than meat, at all.

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