Brazilian Appetizers (salgadinhos) – Easy Cooking

Salgadinhos recipe. “Coxinha” and “bolinha de queijo”.

The traditional Brazilian appetizers (salgadinhos).

Learn how to prepare chicken “coxinhas” and cheese balls (bolinhas de queijo) on this quick and detailed video.

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  1. Is this the same pastry recipe the Brazilian Threesome Cannibals cooked their victims into?

  2. Adorei! Aguardo os seus videos mais!

  3. thats😑coxinha de frango😛

  4. Excellent and well detailed video…! Our family resides in Minas and Goias. Here in SoCal, my wife and her aunts bake and prepare Brasilian cuisine at home. This is a great video for anyone who is thinking of venturing into the kitchen to "duplicate" what they had at their local Brasilian cafe. Lots of hard work, but the rewards are bountiful. The Brasilian Steakhouses seem to be most American's introduction to Brasilian cuisine. While sometimes accurate to what is eaten at home, it doesn't include the more typical Prato Feito (Blue Plate Specials) and the many salgadinhos. I wish there were more Brasilian cafes and small family restaurants. Unfortunately, the overhead for traditional cuisine is high, and unless the owners are extremely good at marketing their catering sales, few have thrived here in SoCal. Thanks again, Al

  5. Coxinha é muito, muito, muito bom!!!

  6. I like this recipe it doesn't have margarine thank you so much it taste just delicious as the same I buy in a Brazilian restaurant in my college 😊

  7. I'll like a list of ingredients please

  8. Brazilians dont eat it in funerals haha

  9. Aproximately how many salgadinhos does the recipe make

  10. Please do more Brazilian snacks, I will wait your next video.
    PS. Please do some easy Brazilian recipe, it would be great to see you recipe. Thanks

  11. Thank you very much… I will def try to do it this weekend for sure..

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