Cabbage Diet Soup Recipe
Cabbage Diet Soup is a weight loss diets. This soup can be eaten several times in the day, it is low calorie, low fat diet, and its one of the diets that work. For this cabbage diet recipe visit

Cabbage soup diet is one of the best diet, and diet plan that is vegetarian vegan and is a complete vegetable soup recipe. So if you are looking for a diet food that is also a detox diet give this soup diets a try. Dieting and diets is not always easy to follow, there are many other diet recipes on our site that are low in fat, calorie and are good for you.

Its fulfilling and hearty. Now you might think its just a diet soup, it wont have any flavor. This cabbage soup will not disappoint you.


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  3. That's looks delicious maybe even better if you can add some meat!

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  5. You are welcome! I am Glad you liked the cabbage diet soup recipe. Enjoy! 🙂

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  9. Glad you like the cabbage soup recipe. Thanks for your comment. Enjoy! (:

  10. The powdered spices used in the cabbage diet soup recipe, are oregano and basil. Enjoy! (:

  11. Glad you liked the cabbage diet soup recipe. Enjoy! (:

  12. I used beef broth, but sometimes I also use chicken broth for this cabbage soup, Enjoy!

  13. What's the liquid is it broth? Sorry I didn't get u?

  14. Besides the name diet on this soup, its really delicious. Thanks for your compliment and appreciate your feedback! Mariette

  15. Nice! Check out my version of cabbage soup for diet and weight loss =)

    Thanks =)

  16. @SwankDior Correction : Zucchini contains useful amounts of folate 24 mcg
    per 100 g , potassium 280 mg per 100 g. and vitamin A 384 IU [115 mcg] per100 g.
    We apologize for the previous misprint.

  17. Can I use cucumber instead of zukini?

  18. @GentilseulementTthank you very much for your comment. Diet cabbage soup is a delicious soup to enjoy while trying to loose a quick few pounds. You can use the soup to substitute one of your meals but it should never be used as a weight loosing tool on its own for long period of time. Enjoy the soup.

  19. @TheHellokittyz1 Oregano is a spice the Greeks use a lot in their cuisine. You can substitute oregano with any herb you desire, like basil or thyme.

  20. Do i have to use oregano? Or however u spell it?

  21. Do i have to use oregano? Or however u spell it?

  22. @dede07gee I am glad you liked the cabbage diet soup recipe. It is a delicious food to enjoy while loosing some weight. But remember this is not to be used as a slimming food on its own for long period of time. It is perfect only when you need to shed few pounds quickly. Enjoy!

  23. @SwankDior Yes you can. But don't forget the soup will contain less nutrients. The zucchini fruit is low in calories approximately 15 food calories per 100 g fresh zucchini. 100 g fresh zucchini also has 100 g of folate, 100 g of potassium and 100 g of vitamin A . 1/2 cup of zucchini also contains 19% of the recommended amount of manganese. Using chicken broth instead of beef broth is perfectly alright.

  24. i made it and it tast great i could eat it everyday.

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