COOKING WITH REMI!! Healthy Meal Prep!


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  1. Ilysm Remi!! You are such an inspiration 💕💖

  2. Omg your so beautiful you’ve always been beautiful I’m so glad your healthy now tho and your such an inspiration 😭❤️

  3. I think im just going to binge on your videos! been loving them so far. Im a new subscriber, glad I found you <3

  4. 3:54 um? I’m confused she was so happy and then just went back to normal

  5. I'm watching this video tryna get healthy and then in the middle of the video an add for s'mores cake comes on… soml

  6. what was the song that she was cooking with?

  7. You're very sweet person, Remi !! You're sooooo cute.

  8. You should have 600millon subs

  9. Your such a sweet friend 💕💕

  10. i love that song what is it called who is it by

  11. I looooove u😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. REMI never say sorry for the no makeup face, your so pretty without ur makeup. Keep up the great work

  13. Does anyone else just love Remi

  14. where is your vlogging camera stick from?

  15. I found you 2 days ago and I already love you I subscribed and tapped the bell

  16. we love a queen that cooks

  17. Remi, can ya start a cooking channel.

  18. I was so shook when Remi cam on camera bare-faced, because she was glowing and it took me a second to realize she wasnt wearing makeup :0. Bare face makep goals!!!

  19. U have the cutest laugh x can u make more cooking videos pleaseeee pleasee please im sure im the bot the only one who would appreciate it sa much

  20. Just tried the banana/PB/chocolate snack and Oh. My. Gawd. So so so good!

  21. I just wanted to say that you seem like SUCH a nice person, you seem like the best daughter and friend a person could wish for 🙂

  22. you didn't link your friends coming out video

  23. I am on vacation tonight!I never leave you behind…with someome💜

  24. Ayyeee philippines!! ❤️❤️🇵🇭 where my filipinos att??

  25. Anyone know the song that starts playing at 4:45

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