Couscous Salad – Healthy Lunch Recipe Video

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  1. Loving your salad but please don’t use lemon juice from a bottle use fresh squeeze lemons. Thank you

  2. you'll both look like dolls, thanks so much for the recipe

  3. How many women does it take to make a salad?

  4. I miss you ladies!!! Hope everything's well.

  5. Where is Israel pearl couscous recipe i liks that one too ??

  6. очень вкусно смотриться лайк большой вам друзья

  7. What is difference between couscous and semolina ?. Are they preparing the same way?

  8. Tried this today and it came out perfect. Thanks

  9. in the recipe i did not add chickpeas instead i added green olives. it tasted awesome

  10. ur couscous salad is awesome. i made it today for husband really liked it and asked me to make it tom also. thank u for such a wonderful recipe.

  11. hi hetal ! hi anuja!! thanks a lot fir your wonderful recipes! ! this couscous salad is super duper hit!! and guess what!! i won first prize in salad making compition today in my daughter's school who are celebrating mother's day.the sheer delight on my kid's face my ultimate prize!! all credit goes to you two!! happy mother's day!! stay blessed!!

  12. um I noticed in the video how you guys didn't put the tomato and bell peppers in olive oil so you don't need to fry it a little bit before you put it in the couscous right? the flavor won't b off, or anything?? you could just add it directly like u guys did ?

  13. Thats a very nice recipe. Will definitely try it and give you feedback. Please bring more salad recipes. Thanks for this one.

  14. Thanks for the short method to make couscous, all I ever found was recipes that took a long time.

  15. looks really really yummy thanks for sharing this video

  16. Couscous cook with viper and social sieve it's call cascas made by wood and need to cook it 3 time with 3 step !!!!

  17. Who learned u to cook couscous like this way and couscous salad !!! That wrong couscous !!!! I'm Algerian it's my traditional from 500 years ago we never coil this couscous !!!

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