Cozy Fall Night Time Routine | Healthy Dinner Idea

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Today I’m sharing my cozy fall night time routine! I love unwinding after a long workday with a healthy slow cooker dinner recipes, slipping into some comfy clothes and get unready with some of my favourite night time skincare products.

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  1. I'm a new subscriber and I love your videos! My fiance and I have been trying to implement healthier choices into our life, and I love how your videos are so informative! For my routines I come home from work or nursing school, and if my finance is home we have to give each other a kiss (it's our cute rule). Then I cuddle my dog for a little bit. And then I get started on my cleaning or homework to do list. I am in nursing school and the to do lists never end!!

  2. just wondering when we can expect the creamy chicken and rice soup recipe?

  3. Woow !!! The best !!!! I really like this kind of videos AND this Is great !! Thank you AND hope see More videos like this 😀😀😀

  4. sooo relaxing. thnx 🙂

  5. Can’t wait for that soup recipe..

  6. How come This Is Us isn't on my Netflix?!

  7. Soooo weird we have lots of things in common 😂 I recently watched This is us (how good is it??! I cried so many times haha), have you watched Jane the Virgin??? Soooo great!!! And I also recently bought Yoga diffuser blend from Saje too! Haha! I also love Spa Spirit… it smells unusual and very soothing, very spa-like 🙂 finally I also prefer filtered water, i have my Brita filter at home and a brita bottle, the water definitely tastes better! Everytime I drink tap water I can’t believe how much it tastes like chlorine… almost like swimmingpool water! Anyway, haha I loved this video 🙂

  8. Great video! The soup looks phenomenal. 3 things I do to wind down at night: comfier clothes (if that's even possible, because I work from home so leggings are life), hot tea, The 5 Minute Journal and Netflix (currently binging on Making a Murderer). And of course snacks hahaha!

  9. Brilliant idea for a simple, healthy dinner! Thanks a lot!!

  10. Love all of your routine videos!!

  11. i enjoyed watching this movie. keep going 👍

  12. Fuller house is my favorite Netflix show and season 4 start December 14

  13. you guys eating dinner together – looks SO cute! 😀

  14. It’s so nice to see a health and lifestyle channel that isn’t vegan. Meat isn’t necessarily unhealthy. Thank you!

  15. Hey! I am your new subscriber…i just love how u speak..😀one question! Arent u get exhausted after cooking this much? I mean the hunger goes off in the process of making food yar…i dnt cook so mom does😄

  16. Started watching How to Get Away with Murder and was sucked in literally 2 minutes into the first episode! Finished season 1 in 3 days and now I'm holding off on watching the rest until after the semester is over! 3 things I do: put on comfy pjs, skincare routine, and pick out my clothes for the next day!

  17. This is Us is one of my favorite shows but you should also check out A Million Little Things. It’s pretty good too. I love watching your videos, on my lunch break. So soothing… ☺️

  18. I am 12 and obsessed with friends

  19. 1. Change out of my work clothes and get comfy. 2. Remove all my makeup and 3. Make myself a relaxing cup of tea to sip on while I make dinner. Love this video!

  20. You def have to watch the crown! It’s a great show! Also love your channel!!!

  21. Love! How do you make air popped popcorn?? yum!

  22. We've been watching Brooklyn 99. It's hilaruous!!

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  24. do you have a recipe for your soup?

  25. Can’t wait for the recipe! I just finished watching 1. The Crown 2. Riverdale (more for high school kiddos lol but I really enjoyed it) now I’m waiting patiently for Game if Thrones 🐉 Thanks Nicole-always enjoy watching your videos!💗

  26. Love this! Inspired me to take more time for my nightly routine. I typically light a candle, make a cup of hot tea, and prep dinner for me and my partner. xoxo

  27. Heyyy Nikole!!! My show I have been watching lately is old episodes of #BeingMaryJane #HealthNutFam🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑 #MuchLove💚💜💙💛❤️ #500k #WeGotThis

  28. Hi Nikole. I love you and your channel. Can you do a what I eat in a day/routine for when you have your period? Pleeeeaaaasssshhhheee ☺️

  29. Last weekend I made a vegan chicken veggie soup and it came out really good. I might try and message you the recipe. It was 100% home made. When I get home from work some how the times are all over the place most weeks. I can say I go to the kitchen and get some food because when im at work and when I have brake or lunch I dont really want to have a big meal. So I just have a snack and im fine till I get home. I then get my food and head to my room or if the dogs need to go out I take them out when my food is cooking. I then hop on my phone or lap top and check in with what has been going on over the day. I then relax and when I feel like i want a treat I get some thing sweet or healthy chips. If its past 7pm when I get home from work I eat, watch youtube or netflix, relax, take a shower and then relax some more and then go to bed. My jobs are all over the place each other week and I love my jobs but some times I cant get to work because of the snow. Maine had a bad storm on Tuesday and I had to go to a friends house to clean but she told me to stay home because it was icey on the roads. Oh and its thanksgiving and it was really good! I cuddled my step moms cat and I also fell asleep on her couch. We made so much food. Most of it was gluten free and vegan.

  30. Lol this is bugging me, who puts plants in front of the television?

    Shower, powernap, cooking. Unless I want t do sports that evening; then I stuff my face with Banana or eat a quick salad, get my stuff and get to it so I can turn in early (I need more sleep when I excercise in the evening).

  31. Loved your video 🙂 as soon as I get home, I cuddle with my buddy (dog, his name is Mickey) and play with him. That has been my routine for the last 6 yrs that he has been with us 😁

  32. I thought you where vegan😂

  33. Did I read TTC correctly in your stories yesterday? 🤔🤗

  34. Top three when I get home: 1) unload work bag, backpacks and lunchboxes. 2) change into comfy clothes 3) quick pick up and pack lunches for next day. I am a mom of 2 kids. To wind down at night: 1) take shower, dry my hair, wash face (really it's my only quiet time) 2) snuggle my little one and read to him 3) catch up on YouTube videos.

  35. Love your routine videos. That chicken soup looks soooooo good!!! Can’t wait to try it!

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