Desi Peanut Salad | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Healthy Recipes | The Art of Loving Food

Who said salads can’t be fun and tasty? Nothing looks as “good” as “healthy” feels. All that matters is not how much you eat, but how healthy you do. And talking about healthy, today we have another super healthy and refreshing recipe – Desi Peanut Salad. This protein and power-packed salad is extremely good for your health and is super satiable as well. Try it out!
#TastyThursday #SwasthRahoMastRaho

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  1. आपने सीजर क्यू करवाया था

  2. bakwas face and useless lady

  3. I love you shilpa. Keep on being real😍 your talks are very genuine

  4. Waste of time on watching ur cooking , becoz for non of middle class people can get the ingredients wat u use in ur recipe. No recipe we can do from ur channel.waste show and recipe.

  5. Hi Shilpa , love your cooking. I did make oat loddo but could not comment there. It's yummy

  6. What’s your credentials to go on talking about food & nutrition. Just because you are celebrity
    Stick to your profession

  7. Hey shilp u r suuper se upar ka dialogue kab bologi plz reply wen is super dancer chap.3👋

  8. Shilpa ji please also share hair care tips and we need hair same like you.. How to maintain? Share please

  9. Hi Shilpa ji 🙏yummy recipes

  10. wait loose k liyai kuch bataiyai na any tips

  11. Shilpa try it with roasted peanuts roughly grounded it will enhance the taste of salad…

  12. Is this good for weight loss??

  13. Thank god she tied her hairs while cooking

  14. Shilpa mam you are a multi- talented women you are a great and beautiful actress ,a good cook and a good dancer 😀😀😀😀
    Love uuuuu your biggest fan in the world

  15. Isn't sendha namak also known as rock salt? If not what is the difference?

  16. Mam make one video with your sister shamitha please

  17. Is there any alternative to coconut sugar?

  18. Thank you ! I will make it when I fast better than potato use for fast,

  19. I like ur presentation shilpa

  20. Ye salaad to mera lunch bn jayega

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