Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Back To School!

Food is my favorite thing so I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite easy and healthy lunches for back to school 2018!
Syd 💕

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  1. Syd !!!!! You reached 1M!!! I love you so so much!!! You’re legit my fav youtuber💗💕

  2. I was also having pasta when you were making it I also loveeee ❤️❤️💕 pasta

  3. Omg she siad for the pasta she siad noddles😂❤️

  4. I can’t have peanuts 😬

  5. I'm allergic to almost everything you made 😂

  6. someone leave me the link to where i can get that lunchbag thanks😂😂❤️❤️ly syd

  7. The song at the start reminded me of aphmau

  8. U are making me more hungry lol

  9. Who does that thing where you straight up click on the brightest thumbnail?

  10. I do it like this tortilla nutela and my banana yummy

  11. I liked,subscribed and put the notification button on

  12. Just wanted to tell you kind bars are not healthy:try nakd bars

  13. hey are you eating popcorn with fork !!!


  15. I’m not a hater but this video doesn’t really work for me because my school is peanut free so sorry Syd love you

  16. I love tomatoes and my brother hates tomatoes

  17. I’m sorry but some of thoses “lunchs” aren’t a lunch some of them like the banana onde are snacks

  18. No afence Sydney but what if youare allergic to peanuts like my friend🐶🐗🐴🎃🍞🍭🍫🍰🍦

  19. Your my fav youtuber and you look pretty btw

  20. Wow. Sydney didn't even think about…. Hmmm….. Maybe… THE BANANA WOULD GET BROWN!!!!

  21. Who opens a bag of popcorn like that lmaoo

  22. Next time no peanut butter because I'm deathly allergic and I want some ideas thanks love you

  23. I know right pasta is life!! Ps love you

  24. This video is awesome syd thanks for making this video now I have lots of more lunch ideas for when I make my lunch tonight 😛☺️😁

  25. I’m not allowed to have peanut butter at school so thanks a lot

  26. Sydney pin this if you love peanut butter (I love it too so pin this)

  27. Eating so much of anything like almonds in 1:13 is not good

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