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Preparing your child’s school lunch every day can be a daunting task. Here I show you a simple, healthy and delicious recipe for school lunch. To find more school lunch inspiration, check out my book Weelicious Lunches!

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Easy Chicken Nuggets – Healthy Fast Food Recipes – Weelicious

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Video by Mike Ervin
Music by Beth Weber


  1. How many minutes do I need to bake it again from freezer? Or do I need to use microwave just to heat it?

  2. I want to try this recipe – can i use airfryer instead of baking it?

  3. I'm definitely making these for my son! Buying organic nuggets are way too expensive, and being the sometimes picky-eating 2 year old that he is, I often times feel like that's my only option for him! Mahalo for the recipe and video! I subscribed!!

  4. Is it ok if i add cheese into the meat?

  5. Mashed potatoes? Who knew!! Delicious!

  6. Thanks for such A good delicious chicken nag gets I want to Moran how to make lazanania homemade guide me plxxxxxx , and you are suprp good e3333333333 .

  7. I am so glad I found this video! My family loved these and I am definitely going to make more!

  8. I don't have a food processor but have a blender, would it work?

  9. delicious, I try this without chicken.  It was Awesome

  10. Do you know the calorie count for your homemade chicken nuggets?

  11. can i use something else beside mashed potatoes?

  12. Thanks a lot Catherine! I am going to bake them later and let my daughter bring these to school for Children's day celebration today!

  13. Catherine, I tried making these yesterday and they turned out great! Thank you for this recipe!
    I have frozen the balance raw nuggets in the freezer. Do I need to defrost before baking? Can I just take these straight from the freezer and into the oven? Do I need to adjust the time?

  14. I love Wendy's chichen nuggets

  15. i know you oven backed them but can they be fried??? just asking

  16. Could you start with ground chicken to begin with instead of grinding it up yourself?

  17. watch you video I am hungry , I like you method, I will try for my daughter, please tell me ration of chiken and potato how much kg/ grams and if we do not have oven then we can fry it , awaiting you reply, thanks very very best 

  18. do you have a written recipe?

  19. +shy wolf Kim : after mashed potatoes, add some garlic and onion powder this is what she said ! 🙂

  20. I love all the videos 😭😭

  21. If you don't have a baking rack to let the air circulate could you just bake them for a few mins and then flip them and bake them some more?

  22. What is the name of bread crumbs… U use…and v use any of bread crumbs

  23. Thank you! You can buy pre-ground chicken at the store and then mix everything together in a bowl! Make sure to mix well!

  24. I love nuggets!!!! You teach the process so well! My problem is that I have no food processor…so I think it seems impossible to cook them.

  25. Let me know how you like them!

  26. I like her style, to show how to do it. Makes all more intresting, and easy. I like her. I will buy her books. For sure.

  27. I have so many pizza recipes! Check the channel and my website Weelicious!

  28. Yes! Both books are available as ebooks!

  29. You can use already ground chicken and mix it all in a bowl with a spoon!

  30. I have 2 cookbooks! Check out my website Weelicious! 🙂

  31. I hope, whit this recipe, mom's, coking for they own childrens, insted they're going to Fast food Restaurans. That is not healthy for no body, specialy for kids. I hope this Lady make a cooking book. WHAT TO SIRVE TO YOUR KIDS, HEALTHY, INTRESTING, EASY, AND GOOD. Thankyou.

  32. What if you dont have that mixer ?

  33. am just wondering will u book be available as an ebook?? on iPad or kobo?? let me kno plz

  34. When my mom cooked nuggets from the store they were soggy on one side yours is pobly better

  35. I would love to see a kid friendly pizza

  36. Woo tasty ,,, looking yummy!!

  37. The website has SO many more recipes!! 🙂 The books have lots of recipes, too, that aren't on the website!

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