Easy Cooking Recipe – Bombay Dip Appetizer

http://fitforafeast.com/kids_cooking.htm Hi all! We wanted to share our favorite party appetizer with you. It is called Bombay Dip – It is delicious, vegetarian and healthy. We show you how to make a cheese ball (easier than you might think) which can be shaped round or like a heart, christmas tree or other shapes. You decorate it with mango chutney, dried fruits, seeds & nuts – so it looks really pretty. We have made it for lots of parties & everyone loves it! Hope you do too.


  1. Say iphone 2 times and post this in two other videos than look under you pillow

  2. You just need to blend the grated cheese with the cream cheese & curry – any food processor should work, or you could use an electric blender if the cream cheese is soft. The decorating part is easy

  3. ive tried making this recipe twice and they both failed. do you need a spacific food process, or is there any other way of making it?

  4. yes – nuts, dried fruits (like raisins or cranberries), seeds, etc

  5. why most of the vid is shooted in kats home

  6. one of our parents film – whoever is around

  7. does kats mom says u the vid whhich u should do . who films the vid kat dad or some one else

  8. arent planning a swim vid & kat's mom hasnt said yes to house tour yet

  9. when will u do one tutorial for swimming and ur house tour…. plzz reply

  10. u also did bolywood dance but do u know hindi i mean the languge of india because bolywood is for india . reply plzzzz

  11. so that appetizers looks like a healthy diet even other persons who are vegetarians so possibly kat's favorite is salad i guess that's healthy but you are eating fruits and vegetables right.

  12. Thumbs up if u think they should have bloopers -.-

  13. cheese is not vegetarian

  14. so do you guys still make cooking videos?? i miss watching them and learning about nutrition!!

  15. kat your wearing the shirt we got you XD hahaha you look amazing in it !

  16. @junebabypielover0000 LOL – you r second person we have ever met that hates cheese!

  17. i had 2 force myself to watch this video. i have to watch all ur videos, i forced myself because i HATE cheese! i personaly think its disgusting. but i kept watching ur video!

  18. i did it!! it was great- thanks girls! <3

  19. @347Xoloitzcuintli no, but we do eat alot of fruits and veggies – kat's favourite food is salad!

  20. @347Xoloitzcuintli no – but we try to eat more fruits & vegetables than anything

  21. I made that dip it is so delicious:)

  22. @swimlooover05 one of our parents film us & also help us with editing

  23. yum! iade this at my birthday party and every1 loved thanks u guys!

  24. omg haha your wearing our top !

  25. @fitforafeast I made and it taste good thanks!

  26. @fitforafeast thats my bro's birthday

  27. @Dodge5100 It is not a cake – it is a cheese ball!

  28. lol the supposted cake looks like a smashed pudim !! Gretting from BRASIL…

  29. When is the next gymnastic tutorial? 😀

  30. @fitforafeast on the back handspring video, how do you do the thing that Katrina does at 0:48? ~Kerry 🙂

  31. @fitforafeast Okay thank you 🙂

  32. @fitforafeast Woo! Alrightt! I'll be looking forward to that! Do you be any chance know when your going to upload the video? 🙂

  33. @Dancer4Life727 next vid is breakdown to the shake it up dance

  34. @Fitforafeastxxfan29 we might sometime

  35. That looks so good 🙂 i think im gonna make it.

    luv ur videos please reply
    im a gymnast and my name is izzy and ur videos have really helped with my gymnastics. and i dance too. you guys are really talented and i love ur videos 🙂


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