Easy Italian Appetizer Recipes : How to Fry Mozzarella Sticks

How to cook mozzarella sticks on oil once coating has set for a hour. Learn tips, tricks and techniques for making easy Italian appetizers in this free online cooking video taught by a culinary chef.

Expert: Matt Senatore
Bio: Matt Senatore has cooked for established recording artists and caters private parties. He is also an Award-winning record producer.
Filmmaker: matt senatore


  1. the stick doesnt look right.

  2. Best thing to use to drain is a cooling rack over a sheet pan, that way they are not sitting in the oil. Paper towel method does work, but you'll get the best results with the cooling rack.

  3. ugh this is y i hate expert village. they cut up one whole segment into 32490328 peices -_-

  4. forgive me if I'm wrong, but that was a lot longer than 5 seconds. Lol.

  5. 5 or 6 seconds???? only?

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