Easy Italian Appetizer Recipes : Presentation for Mozzarella Sticks Recipe

How to plate and present your final mozzarella sticks recipe once it’s done cooking. Learn tips, tricks and techniques for making easy Italian appetizers in this free online cooking video taught by a culinary chef.

Expert: Matt Senatore
Bio: Matt Senatore has cooked for established recording artists and caters private parties. He is also an Award-winning record producer.
Filmmaker: matt senatore


  1. this guy cant afford a good stove or a actual plate to serve the mozzarella sticks

  2. those are the longest 6 secs ive ever seen counted.

  3. i made them and now they r in the freezer i hope they will be good im 14 year old by the way and i went to mc`donalds and i tried the mozzarella dippers and they were gorgeous

  4. Why dont you instead SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  5. I wish these videos were numbered. It would make watching them in order so much easier.

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