Easy Spaghetti CARBONARA | Healthy Dinner Recipes

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A dairy free & gluten free creamy white sauce spaghetti pasta dish with crispy bacon tossed with steamed brussels sprouts made in 30 min.

GET THE FULL RECIPE HERE: http://bit.ly/2kWx4ZW
Healthy Valentine’s Day Recipe Playlist: http://bit.ly/2lEJWnm


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  1. I just made this and it is amazing. I used a red wine instead of white for deglazing the bacon and onion bits. I also had to watch the video closely to get the amounts. I'm sure they are listed somewhere but I figured it out. I highly recommend this dish. The healthy version would be to leave the bacon out. I understand the vegan complaints but I don't understand is complaining without trying, even if a modification is necessary to make it conform to your dietary needs.

  2. Just made this and even my boyfriend, who likes nothing healthy, enjoyed this 😉

  3. Nichol, how long can I store one of your creamy pasta sauces in the freezer?

  4. That looks so amazing!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  5. There is absolutely Nothing healthy about beacon!!!!!!

  6. So many haters 😝. It looks delicious, and it is a healthier take on the dish. Leave out the bacon or sub in Turkey bacon. Jeez, can we encourage one another instead! Thanks for the videos beautiful, enjoy you week 🤗

  7. leave her alone, she's canadian! of course she eats bacon. if you dont Like it, dont put it in your plate… thats the magic of cooking!

  8. (I just made it without the bacon) new week night staple! so good! thank you for this!

  9. Hi I have all the ingredients to make the pasta except for the wine, you said white wine can you tell me which one

  10. Made it!!! Learned that my 12 year old LOVES Brussel sprouts! Thanks! 🙂

  11. will you go on a date with me

  12. wish u to write down the ingredients in the description box in ur videos

  13. Great video! This dish looks delicious and I can't wait to give it a try.

  14. Made it last night. added shrimp. yummy

  15. Hi Nichol, I've been loving your channel and I'd like to see how you film your cooking videos! 🙂 I look up to you for making such highly quality videos while working 9-5 job…! How you do it?

  16. Mmm, i love brussel sprouts! great recipe.

  17. Great recipe, like always!! 😀 And guys, if you don't like/eat bacon, it's so simple, just not put on your recipe. Is a personal choice, so respect and no judgements about that. 🙂

  18. cook the same thing but without bacon it's not that big of a deal…. to all the complainers

  19. omg….. just don't add bacon to all complainers

  20. oooh my gosh sweetheart I LOVE ur bacon receipt. people don't like it but ur being a human being. and adding a Lil bit was amazing. I loved it because I don't eat much meat only once a months and love it!!!!!!!!

  21. This looks so delicious 😋

  22. Totally making this tomorrow with vegan bacon but I'm going to roast the brussel sprouts

  23. Disappointed that you included bacon, but I plan on trying a vegan version.

  24. Cant wait to try this later this week! ❤

  25. This looks delicious! Will need to try it out.

  26. You must have like a million cashews at your house lol

  27. Sorry, but I'm Italian… And I find offensive named it a carbonara!!! All that you want, but not carbonara.

  28. Is there a substitute for cashews due to allergy?

  29. Could u please do a video on ur make up routine? Ur skin always looks flawless… luv ur videos 🙂

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