Easy Tortilla Rollup Appetizer Recipe | VEDA Day 31

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  1. Could you add canned chicken to this?

  2. Kimmy another good recipe that is yummy and made with tortillas too. cream chesse, ham lunch meat or whatever kind you like and pickles if you like them. YUMMY !!!!! lol

  3. Oh yay! I am so happy!!! They always disappear at parties when I make them too!!

  4. i made them yesterday for my hubby's tea party, everyone went nuts over them.. :)) they were so good…

  5. Thank you for watching!! I hope you enjoy it if you do!!

  6. thanks for posting this recipes. love your recipes,.. I want to try to make this for my husbands birthday party.

  7. I am sure you can modify it however you want. Jalapeno sounds delish!

  8. Is it okay to use jalapeno ?

  9. I would love to see Emma's Cute face when she tastes the lime

  10. Thanks for watching, I am glad you enjoy them!!

  11. Thanks, it is very delicious!

  12. There is very minimal liquid since they are so finely diced, but yes, I did add it in with the cream cheese mixture.

  13. Did you add the liquid from the Chile's and olives, too?

  14. Love your cooking videos 🙂

  15. They are super nummy! 🙂

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