Easy Vegan Soup Recipes (Cozy & Healthy) 🍲

Here are some recipes for easy and healthy Vegan Soups that are perfect for winter or a chilly day. If you’d like to get all of these ingredients at great wholesale prices, click this link to get a free trial to Thrive Market, plus $60* in organic grocery credits: http://thrv.me/caitlinshoemaker-20off3
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  1. Hi friends! If you want to save these recipes for later, I have them all on my Pinterest page as well! https://www.pinterest.com/caitlinshoemaker/

  2. I´m in loveee!!!!!!! heheeh greetings from Bolivia!!!

  3. Easy to use and programmable.>>>ur2.pl/1064 The lid is also secured in place by latches making it safe to transport and you won’t get your abuelita’s frijoles all over the back of your lowered to the ground 4×4 pickup truck. Love this thing.

  4. Can you make the seitán w/o the tahini? I'm allergic to sesame.

  5. Hey Caitlin, your videos always inspire me to cook healthy, and your recipes are absolutely delicious. Keep doing what you are doing, luv u!!!!!

  6. That soup looks delicious! I’m definitely subscribing after this one keep up this wonderful goodness please ✌️

  7. That red pepper soup will be made… Subscribed!

  8. I need a project so I'm trying this😂

  9. You watch Annie tarasova? Because I see her posters on your background (:

  10. the vegan chicken you made looks like it would taste so much better than tofu thanks for helping me out

  11. I'm so impressed by your vegan chicken noodle soup! Such a good idea

  12. Fantastic! Can't wait to try these delicious looking recipies.Thank you so much 😀

  13. Those sausages thingy looked interesting! I will try those for sure 🙂 thx

  14. Chili is my FAVEEEEEEE! All of these soups look amazing!

  15. Can anyone explain to me the issue with cooking directly with foil??

  16. I can’t wait to try the noodle soup gaaaaah

  17. I'm a bit conflicted on nutritional yeast… like, when you mix it with like a pasta, it's fine and all, it adds the nutty flavour. But honestly I'm thrown off by the fact that it looks and smells like fish food when it's on its own.

  18. Def going to make these. Probst the chili first!!!! Then I'll make some vegan grilled cheese with the tomato soup. Oh sounds good

  19. Does anyone know if there is an alternative to Thrive in Europe (that ships EU wide)? 🙂

  20. Omg I really want to try the red pepper oneeeeee ahhhhh

  21. You should make a video about "vegan nutrients" where you show how/where vegans get the typical nutrients we get asked about like calcium and B12 🙂

  22. I can't wait to do the roasted red pepper!

  23. OMG where is the LOVE button!?!? WOW Caitlin! You just blew my mind. Especially with that chicken noodle soup!!!! Loved it! Will try each of them soon 🙂 Thank you so much for this huge inspiration!

  24. Take a (ginger) shot every time she says "incorporate" in these recipe videos

  25. Love you, Caitlin! Keep missing you when you come to Philadelphia 💔

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