Here are some of my favourite healthy things to cook, including a vegan curry, Dirty Veggie chilli fries Salad and quiiiick salmon!
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  1. I cooked the slow cooker curry today and my husband and I LOVED IT! Thank you for sharing this 🥰

  2. Girl your microwave window is DIIIIIIIIIIIRTY XD !!!!

  3. I could watch these videos alllll day long, I love your accent and your sense of humor

  4. Yes! I've been waiting for this one 🙂 Going to have to bite the bullet and get a Foreman I think. And to people moaning about the portion sizes….thank god they can't see the plates in our house! x

  5. I'm a student and I'm about to eat SO GOOD this term

  6. How long do you leave the mince and other bits in the slow cooker for on low?

  7. I just realize I bought the same tiles you have in your kitchen for my new bathroom and it made me super happy 😀

  8. I love how your portions are actually realistic, like I‘d be starving and can‘t relate to what sizes YouTube’s usually show.

  9. YUMM. I‘m starving. ;(

  10. This all looks incredible 😍 you should try letting your coffee brew cold so add cold water instead of hot in the French press and leave it overnight it's less bitter brewed cold 👌🙌

  11. omg the chips one!!! so good

  12. Fantastic! They all look so tasty, thank you for sharing I was so curious 😀
    If you're looking for reducing your plastic consumption (expensive, very short use for a long life and not good for our environnement) it's very easy to cook tasty rice. I do a recipe tought by my corean neighbour:
    – rinse with hot water your basmati rice three times (it just takes four minutes, I swear)
    – then you leave just 1cm water above your rice and let it cook high temperature, once it's boiling you drop the heat at the smallest level and then wait 20min (I personnaly watch tv or instagram)
    – and voilà!
    It tastes so so good and you can buy basmati rice in bigger container for cheaper!

  13. Oh god I lived off those tilda rice things while I was studying for my med school exams. Was literally the highlight of my day. I love the lemongrass, coconut and chilli ones!

  14. What size is your slow cooker please xx

  15. in what universe are these portion sizes too big ?? haha she literally uses half a bag of rice in each one, which is the reccomended size, or one sweet potato each.. am i missing something .. the only one that looked a little big was the loaded fries but she said that it was meant to be a bit of a treat so who cares?? also i bet if you added up the calories it would still only be about 600 which really isnt bad for a dinner meal. im over youtube commenters

  16. I'm SOOOO making that vegan curry but I might need to add some meat haha #dontcomeformevegans

  17. Love videos like this !!!

  18. love these kinds of videos Helen! 🙂 Thank you!

  19. Omg Yes. I'm making my food shop list immeditaley :O

  20. More of this please! Loved these ideas!

  21. Tbh spices aren’t all that good for your body

  22. This was so well put together!!!! They all look so yummy!!!! 😋🍽

  23. Step aside Babish! This is fab Helen! 🤗😘

  24. Love the video Helen and love that there's a mix of options here! One thing that does scream out at me though is the amount of single use plastic!! I know there is a lot of individually packaged/plastic-gone-mad packaging in the UK, but would be interested to hear your thoughts on reducing plastic waste in grocery packaging! Love always xxx

  25. Man some of these comments are a pure joke! Helen I think you did a great job! What some people have failed to recognise is that a lot of people, especially in the UK, rely on easy ready to go oven meals to eat partly down to the fact that they may have no bloody time to cook and partly because they don't know how or are uninspired! This IS healthier than that stuff and I think, Helen, you did a great job at inspiring people to get in the kitchen and make something homemade, with plenty of veg, that tastes damn good. xx

  26. Love this Helen, so helpful! Im sure this took a lot of effort to film but hopefully we'll get to see more similar vids in the future 😁

  27. If you like garlic so much, I suggest putting a * tiny! * bit of garlic in the guacamole! It really makes a difference. To me a good guac isn't complete without some garlic.

  28. Love this video Helen!! this is the video I needed, I'm just trying to write a meal plan for the week! x

  29. Asda do a really nice Mediterranean veg it’s so nice with spicy chicken fajitas

  30. Really enjoyed this video, definitely would love to see more of these 😊

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