Fitness Routine + Healthy Lunch Date + EASY Dinner Idea

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Today I’m taking you with me on a day in my life, fitness morning routine, lunch date at a new healthy restaurant in Toronto, Costco shopping trip and a easy dinner idea!

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  1. I’m watching The Vampire Diaries

  2. The good doctor on abc. Also special victims unit on nbc

  3. Hi, can you please link your grey coat? Thanks

  4. Favorite show: Modern Family

  5. Are you guys planning on having kids anytime soon? Buying a home ? Instead of renting.

  6. La casa de papel (money heist)!!! So smart OMG!

  7. Matt should just be in charge of the outros 😂😂

  8. how do you eat that tuna from costco?? can you do recipes with tuna??

  9. Get It! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  10. Hi Nicole , lovely video .. could you please link the nut butter you used in this video ?

  11. I love mtv the challenge

  12. Your channel has come a long way. 👍🏼Your vlogs are so interesting and informative. I love ❤️love watching your vlogs…Thanks for showing us your 🏋🏻‍♀️fitness routine. I started working out after I joined a gym, brand new gym I may add, about two months ago and I love watching fitness routines so I can learn more exercises

  13. What’s in the smoothie?

  14. i am watching the haunting of hill house <3 obsessed!

  15. Awesome video! 💕 That ending tho…gotta love Mr. Matt lol.
    Favorite show rn is Superstore

  16. Wow 7.99 for that rotisserie chicken? 🙀 over here it’s 4.99 at Costco in California!!! Great blog though, I really enjoy these vlogs. I just purchased those knives!❤️

  17. you guys are adorable, we are watching "la casa de las flores" (House of flowers), is a mexican show on netflix, really good!

  18. I love the vlogs!!! Matt at the end was hilarious!!!

  19. Show husband and I are watching Mayans and then I love American Horror Story

  20. What’s in the salad dressing you made ?

  21. Can you please share your recipe for chickpea blondies? They sound delicious.

  22. I’m watching “ a million little things” it’s soooo good

  23. Favourite show right now is Outlander… tou really should give it a try 😉

  24. Can you tell me the dressing ingredients you put in the salad? Love you guys.. y’all are awesome.

  25. Hi sis. U are sooo beautiful… 😍😍😍. I love u sooo much… I like your skin colour. 😘😘😘 from sri lanka…

  26. You mean 60's music. Ah, my childhood

  27. I am on a spree..watching all your recent vids i missed…also i recently started my own youtube…would appreciate if someone subs😊

  28. Matt is a superstar. Lol. I’m always laughing when he is on and I loved this video

  29. Hopefully the forks and spoons are not made out of plastic but are bio degradable. Otherwise his whole concept wouldn’t make sense. But in general it’s a cool place

  30. Have to say one of the things I love most a bout you is that you're Canadian living in Toronto. I grew up 10 minutes from Mad radish and recognize the areas you show frequently! It is so cool to be able to relate to you on such a personal level. I feel like there is a lack of Canadian and Toronto based you tubers so it is so refreshing to watch someone I can relate to so easily.

  31. It would be nice to see what ingredients you put in your smoothie. 😀

  32. Love me some Costco shopping….but not the bill 😱😂
    Watching Blindspot.

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