In this video you will get some ideas on what to eat for a full day of keto & I made an easy egg bake that is simple to prepare ahead of time! I am currently pregnant, however this day is one that I would have followed even if I wasn’t pregnant!

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  1. Foods I ate starts at time stamp 3:15 if you want to skip the intro and story about my background 🙂

  2. This is perfect because I’m 15weeks and now diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Running out of ideas because I want to enjoy what I’m eating… and I’ve been craving sweets and carbs! Sooo sad 😭😭

  3. A lot of extra talking.. Just get to the recipes pllleeeaasssee!! Other then that ur videos are good!

  4. Love the video but intro long😉😁

  5. Love your video. Keto is the best way of living!

  6. What is your lipstick Nice ?

  7. Awesome video thanks so much! I just had my third home birth baby after two pervious c sections…. Yes it can be done hun! You don't HAVE to do another C section just because you've had your previous babies via c section. Babies aren't late they don't need induction because you go over your ESTIMATED due date. I encourage you to look into doing a vbac of there's no medical reason that you absolutely need a c section. Vbacs are proven safer than another c section. Anyway sorry for the rant just wanted to tell you that and thank you for your awesome informative video! And congratulations!!! 🤱

  8. Congratulations to you and your husband! Educate before you vaccinate (watch VAXXED videos on you tube and Dr. John Bergman)

  9. Hi Ashley! Thanks for sharing this!! So glad you’re feeling better! I am pregnant right now too! 33 weeks and the beginning went similarly to your pregnancy… I have felt my absolute BEST on Keto and my midwife has recommended it as well! My weight gain was similar to you as well.. so far I’m at approx 45lbs gained with 7 weeks to go which is much less than with my 1st! Thank you for sharing such awesome content! I love your channel!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. I’m out of breath after listening to this😂

  11. Can I eat fresco cheese while in Keto diet?

  12. So you can still use OS ketones. While pregnant? I also just found out im expecting so now trying to research everything all over again.

  13. God so much talking save it for your blog please. YouTube is for the visuals.

  14. I would like you videos better if a less talking please and more showing or talk while showing, I just think too much rambling! Now on a positive note, you look great and have done very well!

  15. This is so crazy! I am almost exactly the same week as you! And I was too sick to eat Keto and felt so guilty, and I’m nervous I’m gonna gain a ton of weight (I have two children before this one)
    Wow we are the same and I’m so thankful you are sharing your journey! This is amazing.

  16. Hi new to ur channel, I would like to see recipes for Keto breakfast lunch and dinner for beginners

  17. QUESTION 😍 Having great results with keto while breastfeeding but my daughter seems to be very constipated now. Has this happened to anyone else? Just started my channel and keto journey ❤️ would hate to quit

  18. Thanks for the videos! Was wondering if you had any information about the keto rash!

  19. Hope everybody has heard by now that the nutrition info for Chipolte shows net carbs not total…so don't subtract fiber. And their sour cream has 5g carbs… not happy when i learned that but good info to have i guess.

  20. Going to try that pizza recipe. .thanks g or sharing

  21. You are so helpful! Thanks a million 👍

  22. I've been on Keto for one week today. Really enjoying your videos. Just out of curiosity, what does your physician say about being on a ketogenic diet during pregnancy? I'm assuming there's not much data on that. Will the baby get all of the nutrients that he/she needs to form organs, tissue, bone, etc?

  23. My husband and I are hitting plateaus in our weight loss, I've lost 17 lbs and he has lost 35 lbs…I am doing pilates every day of the week, and I'm just wondering what suggestions you have?

  24. You should do a full keto grocery haul video! I would love to see that that would be awesome:)

  25. Where are the meals ? 🤔🤔🤔

  26. Very yummy thanks for sharing! So happy you are feeling better. 🤗

  27. Why is Ashley such goalzzzz omgggg 🙂

  28. Glad to see you are feeling better … I wish I only threw up 2 times a day … Mine was 24/7 and worse with my boys …..

  29. I've been following Keto for 8 weeks and I'm down 20 pounds ( I'm loving it ) feeling great.

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