Full Week MEAL PLAN Routine தமிழ்|Healthy Breakfast to Dinner Menu for full week

Hi frnds,
I have shared my last healthy week meal/menu plan in tamil

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  1. Tell about your time management and maintaining kids and iron content dish for kids…really ur videos were superb…..👌👌👌♥️♥️

  2. Very innovative video.. thengai pal kolukattai video podunga

  3. Excellent planning dear
    Useful sharing dear 😊😊😊😊

  4. Wow superb… Dr engalukkum upload pannunga dr antha dish

  5. Epdi different state dish la learn pandringa sisy… Knjm sollunga I'm beginner… Superb dr… Upload ur current hair care routine

  6. Mam all dish separate video podunga pl

  7. Hey samma ya super ah plan panirukinga sis am so much impressed and am going to follow tis . Thank u so much 🙏😊

  8. super indian meal planning. Pls upload the recipes for paal kolukatai( it looks simple,might be helpful) ,milagu morkulambu,paruppu usili,chola dosai and ur version of pundu chutney. Thanks for sharing. Your handwriting looks very nice and neat.Thanks dear.

  9. Superb healthy nd yummy dishes da.. ellame romba nalla iruku.. vazhaipoo parupu vusili nanga brahmins prepare panra mariyae iruku dr.. thank u so much for meal planning dr.. nd one thing ur hand writing is too gud da

  10. Super sister very really good healthy meal plan very different dish super sister thanks for sharing

  11. Hi sissy first time I am seeing ur videos really very supperb and then give more healthy recipes upload it soon waiting for ur videos

  12. Hi akka semma super..nala healthy food chat akka..thankai paal kolukatai recipe poduka..

  13. Akka you are one of my inspiration Sissy..!! After seeing your videos I have started my channel Sissy.. if I could achieve at least something of what u do I ll be more than happy Sissy…!! You ll reach heights Akka…!!! Always your fan…!!

  14. Hai sister very useful healthy and tasty receipe meal plan super sister

  15. HI indha madiri oru 4 plan podunga mam… Note panikalam..

  16. It will b good if U share these recipes. It will b of great help to beginners.BTW Ur Mushroom Biryani and Carrot+Cucumber Raitha is looking yummy. U did Biryani in Seeraga Samba rice?

  17. Nan plan potta some times nadaga mataiguthu😂😂
    Hello friends i started new channel support my channel too" Gulf Tamil Life"
    Thank you

  18. Hii sweety hw r u waiting fr ur video sema video very usefull epdi tan yosikiringa sweety u r the talent women. Keep rocking sweety then tis month 14 my sister marriage so i need salon type facial venum plzz upload pannuga sweety nallla glowing ah nalla bright ah nalla crystal clear facial venum plzzz my request love u sweety😘😘😘😘😘

  19. Good morning…. Have a pleasant day……. Super sis…… Healthy food ah iruku nice………. Thk u for sharing sis……

  20. Super akka…unga handwriting romba azhaga iruku😍

  21. Sama super ah panringa akka

  22. Very healthy menu plan dear.. I liked it very much.. 👌👌😍😍 pls upload all the recipes u mentioned in the plan.. Is butter beans available there da ?

  23. Valaippu romba black agama irrukka curd kuda water mix panni antha thannilaa urapodunga.

  24. Super tips and semma hand writing sissy your thinking differently I like it 😊

  25. Kindly add more recipes which u ve shown in the menu ..
    Plan is good .

  26. Hi dr. Shalini. 1st thing menu romba interesting ah erunthuchi dr. Healthy ah different ah neat simple but super ah erunthuchi dr. Enaku Edhula nereya dish pudusa erunthuchi ellam senji kamija romba nala erukum. Ungaluku nereya differnt dish theriji eruku dr. Pls enagaluku soli kuduga dr. Handwriting azhaga eruku dr ungala madiriye…,😋😋😋😋..!

  27. Wow very well plan and healthy recipes..pls upload all the receips

  28. Please upload Seppa kilangu fry recipe

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