Healthy 3 Ingredient Appetizers! Holiday Recipe – Mind Over Munch

3 easy & HEALTHY Thanksgiving appetizers, with just 3 ingredients each! These recipes are perfect for your last minute holiday get togethers, and will impress anyone who is lucky enough to eat them! Bacon wrapped dates, glazed pecans and deviled eggs, oh my!

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  1. Omg I’m doing this for NYE. I was already gonna do the nuts, but now I don’t have to bake them! Thank you!

  2. Those almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon is …..FREAKING DELICIOUS! I couldn't wait for thanksgiving to try it! I just made ten and only two are left. Yes I shared with the girls! Whew!! Yummy!

  3. I want to try the eggs and the dates!!!!!

  4. Pecccans! or Pecaaaaaans! your face is priceless!

  5. I want to try all of them for the holidays! This is perfect, thank you!

  6. I want to try the dates, I've heard them called Devil's on Horseback.

  7. Charisma is thru the roof in this one.

  8. Hello , where do you find the bacon?

  9. Is it okay to use maple syrup instead of coconut sugar?

  10. My nana, use to get prunes wrap them around with bacon and baked them and she use to call them devil on a horseback my mum couldn't stop eating them and sometimes she makes them

  11. What's the name of the song you always use? I love it. It's in the intro of this video.

  12. Can I candy the nuts with stevia?

  13. I'm gonna try those deviled eggs.

  14. I hate cooking (with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns), and for the last four months I've been eating healthy (but boring) foods and have lost 50lbs. Go me! But your channel really inspires me to experiment with food and make it fun. Thanks for that!

  15. good one not only for holiday but anytime when you need snack for a drink 🙂 is it ok to relace the dates with cheese?

  16. What heat would I use for roasting ?

  17. I'm definitely going to try the deviled eggs as an alternative to our traditional Romanian version that involves homemade mayo.

  18. Walnuts & Dates are the best combination ever and its an Arabic appetizer. Better than almonds.

  19. I love you're videos so much! Never stop doing what you love!

  20. Oh my goodness, yum! The very instant this video was over I had to run to the kitchen and try out your deviled egg recipe. Best deviled eggs ever!

  21. Oh! My family has a tradition of making dates rolled in sugar and stuffed with peanut butter. Three ingredient-ing like a pro over here!

  22. This is perfect for Christmas 🎄 must try this

  23. Thanks for these recipes! I made the candied pecans to munch on throughout the Thanksgiving day, and they were a hit! Hubby said they were like eating little pies…LOL!! Believe me, that's really saying something 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!

  24. My oldest wants the date and bacon so I will make it insted of my water chesnuts and bacon for Christmas. Yum

  25. LOL!!! Your hiccups are so cute! Mine sound like air is being pulled into my lungs so fast and hard that it seems like my diaphragm is trying to go through the floor. Anywho, the recipes look great and interesting. I can't wait to try them!!!

  26. You are SO cute, effortlessly cute n its a bonus that I absolutely love your videos!

  27. i hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  28. I'm a little disappointed with the these sorry i love your videos.

  29. im a huge fan of those almond stuffed dates omg. <3 looks amazing and happy that this one is vegan haha! awesome informative instructions as always ;D always makes me happy to see your vids! im so happy i can catch up with your videos because i just finished my midterms! happy belated thanksgiving! i hope you had a wonderful one! xoxo

  30. Can I subside walnuts for pecan?

  31. thanks so much for these recipes!! I discovered your channel about a month ago and i literally watched all of your videos in the past month!! Keep it up pleassssseeeeeeeee! There a tons of people like me who are dying to see more of these healthy, creative, and yummy recipes!

  32. I really want to try your version of Candy Pecans!! So quick and Easy!!! Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  33. thanks – I love pecans!

  34. All of your Thanksgiving videos have been awesome… love the 3 ingredient ones! Thanks for all you do! Happy Thanksgiving! GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!

  35. Just three ingredients and the first recipe adds 2 ingredients lol nbd

  36. Since when bacon is healthy?!

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