Healthy Bodybuilding Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe | Double Seal Approved

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  1. That is false on McDonald's. I am sure. The answer is no.

  2. Just started high protein diet because of my liver disease. Not sure I’m doing this right but…. I calculated my macros using a website and it said that I should have the same amount of carbs and protein, is that normal just starting the diet?

  3. At 1:00 I swore one of the ingredients was sunscreen.

  4. Could this work for a week of meal prep? Im thinking of going just a serving per meal of the lean ground beef.

  5. "No such thing as a bad day, just a bad mind set."

  6. what kind of cooking spray do you use ?? name brand ?

  7. Never heard of jalapeeeno lolol

  8. I just made this. It's delicious!

    I normally stay away from 96/4 ground beef just because of how dry it is, but the fat free cheese and the garlic paste helped to add moisture to the burger. Thanks, Remington!

  9. Don't be afraid to clean that stove top…

  10. I'm on a 1500 calorie a day cut right now, so this is basically porn. I am not ashamed of this fap at all.

  11. Where did you get those clear glass bowls?

  12. Love ur videos..lots of protein and flavor..keep them coming.

  13. to keep it from falling apart, could you add a little bit of egg, or would that mess with the macro balance?

  14. Awesome brother that's one big burger

  15. Love it how you enjoy these recipies which motivates me to try them out badly and the macro details provided are GOLDEN. Thanks!

  16. Wendy’s is real meat! 🐒

  17. Where do u get that meat from. That lean beef

  18. The joy and excitement while eating that was too funny!

  19. About how many calories is this?

  20. Use a fucking mixing bowl dummy

  21. 5 Guys got nothin on you dude

  22. Shoulda done some sweet potato fries too. Looks good.

  23. bro your videos are so awesome

  24. Dude get a real knife. Lol. 10” santuko

  25. This guy is starting to grow on me. Good video.

  26. love your channel dude! first youtube I don't get sick of watching. well diversed.

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