Healthy Breakfast & Snack ideas for School/Work

Hey Guys!

One of our most requested videos is anything to do with what we eat/ healthy recipes. Considering most people are going back to school and work now we wanted to do a video on healthy food ideas!

Everything we have shown is what we would generally eat for breakfast & the snacks we used to take to school!! 🙂

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  1. i would LOVE to see another of these vids xx

  2. Do not drink milk with banana
    ! !!😩
    It's not healty for the digestion!

  3. Loved this video! Just wondering if you cook the zucchini before you freeze it? xx

  4. You guys motivate me so much to live a healthy lifestyle and I love when you guys make these types of videos their super helpful and I love you guys so much<333

  5. everything looks so yummy

  6. What’s the name of these small seeds that you put in your jar after the oats?

  7. Ohh well, i’m starving now 😫😫

  8. ahh  love this!! thanks for sharing xx

  9. Loved your breakfast ideas…love from Darjeeling ❤ ❤

  10. Just got out of bed to make the overnight oats to have in the morning!! Looks so good 😍

  11. watching this while I eat maccas 😂 love your ideas tho keen to try them out x

  12. omg so creative yet so yummy!! thanku for these ideas, given me tons of ideas for my lunches for back to school :))

  13. Love your videos 😩❤️

  14. Yessss I love!! Craving some avo now

  15. This is so good, I have to go back to school on Thursday 😭

  16. Thats what the kids with rich parents eat. The rest of us can't afford to eat that.

  17. Amazing Video very cool. Great ideas for school snacks Nice Outfits and hairstyle lools great love out Videos very much you two the prettiest girls liv&ash Favorite YouTube r for ever in love

  18. Will definitely be trying these

  19. Omg yess so good, so many good ideas love it so gonna start making this stuff

  20. Aww yum , i cant wait to use these dor school

  21. yes omg omg been wanting a vid like this getting back to school tomorrow and want to stick to a good diet!! love u both xo

  22. I Love this😻😩😩😻

  23. You guys motivate me to be so much healthier! I really love these brekky ideas and will definitely give them a go. Also you guys should try crunchy peanut butter and Nutella on toast it is amazing. Tastes just like snickers! Love you💜

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