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This is another super simple recipe for people that are busy and want to eat a healthy low carb high protein meal to control or lose weight and feed their body plenty of nutrients with out the calories. I try to keep meal prep simple for all of my food recipes wether it is dinner recipes, breakfast, or lunch. If you guys want to see more videos like this please comment below and also check the link above for our latest chicken wrap video.

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  1. This looks amazing. Around how many calories would you say this comes out to be?

  2. That looks good! I can make mini versions of those for my daughter's lunch

  3. Damn can you be more energetic next video like not so monotone …. so easy to stray away from your video

  4. Does this taste good without cheese?

  5. eyes blurry and only god can heal me and he already did me and bf relationship heal escapein restored love too other gf d if it's true ps4v7

  6. Thanks for the video. Looks good. Question….what brand of burner stove is that you're using? Also, does it get hot enough to get a quality sear on steak, chicken etc.?

  7. Looks good! So gonna make that right now 👌🏻😊

  8. Se me quitaron las ganas de hacer un wrap en el momento que metiste las tortillas al microondas 😒 pero amo como cocinaste el pollo 👍💖

  9. Hi, thanks for the awesome quick recipes. What induction cooker do you use from eBay? There are a lot. Can you link it?

  10. i m confused that you use white wrap…is it healthy or we should use brown?

  11. hey goodlooking! The food looks good too.

  12. can I just eat this everyday for 2 motnths straight?

  13. wow.. Im soo anxious to try this. I got paid today so this week Im buying some chicken and cheese and hummus and making these.<3

  14. I keep hearing low carb, but veggies and fruits are full of carbs and aren't they supposed to be good for you? I was on a low carb diet for months and you just cant make it your life style. The moment I tried to include some healthy carbs into my diet I started gaining weight at a rapid speed. Isn't there a way to balance both carbs and protein in a healthy way?

  15. This video was great! I was looking for something quick and easy to make for dinner. This helped! Thanks, you got yourself a subscriber!

  16. I'm always trying to eat healthy and the recipe it's so easy. This is awesome, thanks!

  17. thanks alot I've been looking all over the place for a good easy wrap recipe I hate making lunches but it is what it is lol

  18. i just tried it and loved it thanks for the recipe 👊💜👍

  19. great video. was looking for something quick

  20. Bon Appetit 🍴 ..Simple!Easy! Love,Love ,Love it!….Not forgetting…dayummmm!!his so freaking hot,cute and handsome.😘…New Subscriber!!

  21. this definitely helped me,I get tired a lot and don't have time to make lunch

  22. thanks for this video am make it today for lunch thank you god bless

  23. I really like the way you make your foods simple easy but very healthy…+yummy also. I always tell every body that tge the foods is not for museum.. Its to enjoy to eat. Thumbs-up

  24. What type of sauce is that? It looks really good.

  25. I know obviously you do weight lifting of some sort so I was wondering are recipes like the ones you post something good for someone who does mostly cardio? my body also does better on a low carb diet so low calories and carbs are what I am aiming for. Just curious as to what recipes I should be following. Thanks 🙂

  26. That moment when I wish you were my workout buddy ;-; keep me eating healthy and not missing a workout. All my friends are lazy and work a lot.

  27. how many calories is 1 wrap? what would u suggest for someone who gets hungry easily and has a physical job? just make more wraps? i think my calories needs to be higher so i dont get hungry and weak.

  28. You didn't wash your hands right after lol

  29. love it!! i'm making this for today's breakfast 😉 great recipe! blessings from Peru!!

  30. i hate big guys afraid to eat a carb or get a calories. weak jack.

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