Healthy Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Ft. The Dessert Bullet

We hope you enjoy this delicious and healthy chocolate banana ice cream! Whenever we make this tasty treat we can never get enough of it! We definitely recommend the Dessert Bullet for all ice cream lovers out there! If you try this out please feel free to Tweet us a picture! (This is not a sponsored video). Subscribe!!!

Note: We call this dessert an “ice cream” because of its texture but it may not technically be considered real ice cream.

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  1. wow good idea to rub them in the powder ;D

  2. you can also use your blender or a food processor

  3. Would it work with yonanas?

  4. If you put the vanilla drops in first, won't that just be in the very first part that comes out? I would think you'd need to stir it all up to mix the ingredients.

  5. About 1 month or 2 ago we purchased the dessert bullet. First we got yonanas and we didn't like it to much. Then after watching tons of videos including yours we got the dessert bullet and it makes such delicious soft served ice cream.

    P.S you should try chocolate peanut butter ice cream mmmm!

  6. how does this machine produce an "ice-creamy" flavor without using milk or cream?

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