Healthy Dessert Ideas: Movie Theater Candy and more

Healthy Dessert Ideas: Movie Theater Candy and More!
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Here are some healthy dessert recipes involving things like chickpeas and coconut oil! No flour, cake mix, or added sugar! I made chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and mini banana avalanches! They all don’t use more than 6 ingredients! I edited this video for SUCH a long time and it took a long time to film. I have never worked as hard on a video before! I hope you all enjoy and try some of these out! They are seriously SO DELICIOUS. I have AMAZING videos planned out that are all summer themed (yaaas).
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Music — WARNING this list is going to be SOOO long and omg I can’t believe I used so many songs. Yikes.

What I’ve Done – Baby Don’t Hurt Me — it’s an amazing mashup of 2 awesome songs
Love Runs Out — OneRepublic
Show Me Love — t.A.T.u
Don’t Stop Color on the Walls — Foster the People — Kat Krazy Extended Mix
Summer in the City — The Lovin’ Spoonful
Chandelier — Sia
Blue Fire feat. Amenta — Mikky Ekko
Sedated — Mikky Ekko
Where Have You Been, Ghost Machine — Rihanna vs. Florence vs. Deadmau5
Everlasting Light — Black Keys (Mummers Remix)
In My City — Ellie Goulding
Soon We’ll be Found — Sia
Summer Sun — Jukebox the Ghost
Everybody’s Watching Me — The Neighborhood


I bought everything in the video with my own money and I am not sponsored!



  1. I miss the old Jessie! But the new Jessie be cool too 😀

  2. Who else is watching in 2017??

  3. Where can you it cacao powder

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  6. Its fun watching older jessie and comparing it to now jessie. Its fun seeing how much shes grown and changed. Shes such a confident beautiful lady 🙂🙃

  7. u really look like Miley Cyrus but sure don't sound like her

  8. What can you substitute for the cacao powder

  9. I just finished making the chocolate chips/ bits and I can't stop eating them! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipe 🙂

    hehe ily

  11. U are just like Bethany moat

  12. Nicest video I've ever seen!
    How could you make an awesome video like this???

  13. This was a cool video! I'm thinking of doing one of these for my channel soon! ☺️

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  15. I LOVE how these treats are healthy yet so yum!

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  17. Thank you for commenting on my video! All the desserts in this video look SO yummy, I'll have to try some (: I subbed to you!

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  19. HOW ARE YOU SO PRETTY AND HOW THE HELL ARE YOUR VIDEOS SO GOOD? sorry, excuse me while i cry!

  20. I really want to try some of these! great video.

  21. Jessie you hair looks adorable in braids! The chocolate with the coconut looks so yummy!! Where did you get your shirt?

  22. These are great dessert ideas! Thanks Im definitely gonna try some of these. Thanks for subbing to my channel doll, I just subbed back 🙂

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