Healthy Dinner Recipes TESTED – Home Chef Review | Courtney Lundquist

Today I’m testing out Home Chef where they send you weekly recipes and the ingredients to go along with it.
Home Chef: – Enter COURT30 when checking out for $30 off your first Home Chef order!

Pork Chop:

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  1. your knives aren't sharp enough it made me so nervous omgggggg

  2. What the recipe for the steak sauce want to try it

  3. u deserve way more subscribers!

  4. I think the tostones didn't work BC the plantain matured and when it matures it becomes sweet and soft!

  5. I made the tilapia and cauliflower jumbalaya! It was very good!

  6. a couple home chef meals we got were amazing !!! we only did them for a few months but we def remake the meals often .

  7. for future reference if you use a serrated knife to cut up tomatoes it won't smash them

  8. For the "Tostones" you need green plantains and also "Tostones" you need to fry them not with a little bit of oil I know this because I'm Puerto Rican and we really like "tostones".

  9. you kinda look like Bella Hadid 😂😂

  10. Great video, your so close to 3 hundred thousand hope you get there soon

  11. fyi, tostones are supposed to be made with green plantains. the yellow ones are better eaten without pressing and re-frying that second time and they're called in puerto rico "amarillos" which just means yellow haha

  12. Everything looks soooo good! 😻🙌🏼

  13. Also… Do you think there's a substitute for the pork chop?? (I don't eat pork)

  14. I love your cooking videos❤️ mainly because I want to major in caulinary and your eyes are so pretty !!

  15. Not to be a hater but I think these services aren't worth it at all. I just spent $33 total and meal prepped 14 meals for the week and had extra ingredients 😳

  16. again with the food Courtney 😀 what's not to like 😀

  17. orzo is actually pasta! 😊

  18. Totally just signed up for this, so excited!

  19. I really wanna try this. Everything look sooo delicious.

  20. Yesss!!! Please do more of these!!! ❤❤

  21. I love u but I'm going to be honest.. I really feel like ur videos have been getting worser and worser. I really miss your old videos. Not hating it's just constructive feedback. Maybe try and do DIYs again or even cooking videos that are your own recipes because the audience can't really make the dishes if u say "this sauce I got" I know it's a review though. Idk.

    Side note was this sponsored?

  22. All of them meals look so good! Definitely do more videos like this!!

  23. Thinking about trying this since I will be having my first child in 6 weeks this will be super helpful after delivery

  24. you ' re so cuteee 🙂

  25. Wow this is probably ur longest video yet

  26. I wonder why this video showed up in my subscriptions, because apparently I wasn't subsribed… But I am now, so regardless of how it ended up there, I'm glad it did, haha 🙂

  27. wanted to try them out but never took the plunge. the recipes look good but the inner chef likes to improvise on the fly.
    orzo is a pasta and really not something you wanna use for a risotto but it makes awesome salads with. shrimp, orzo, spinach with a lemon vinaigrette is one of my favorites to make during the summer time.

  28. Waiting for the vegans to start a war in the comments…

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